Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunnyside's Reflecting Pool

Remember when Ald. Shiller announced she wouldn't be running for reelection, and her media blitz included talk about how she was "Harold's 26th vote" and how much she had improved the ageing infrastructure in Uptown, including the sewers?  Well, she might want to mosey half a block east of Target and the brand new multi-million-dollar streetscaping project, because there's a block-long reflecting pool there that extends from the sidewalks to the middle of the street and is easily 20' wide at the alley.

But we're having a snow melt, you say?  Well, it also backs up in warm weather.

How about going for the trifecta and fixing the Sunnyside reflecting pool before you leave office, Ald. Shiller?  We're sure the kids who have to walk home from Stewart School would appreciate a dry sidewalk.  We'd thank you for it, just as we did with Lake Lakeside and the filled-three-times-and-finally-done sewer collapse on Winthrop.  And your record on infrastructure would remain intact.


  1. Many people don't care or don't understand how bad our infrastructures had deteriorated. We are leaking about 30% of our clean water thru aging water supply lines underground. Can you imagine about our sewers?
    America won't be able to compete with the rest of the global raising powers with an injured infrastructure system.

  2. There is nothing wrong with them. They likely have restrictors in the or the catch basins are clogged with trash. Call 311.

  3. There is definitely something wrong with them when it happens for years, in all types of weather. Trash is not the problem; the catch basins are clean.