Monday, February 14, 2011

Who's Paying For This?

A reader writes in:

"How come Molly Phelan's recent mail pieces don't indicate who paid for them? I thought that was a campaign rule?
No where on either the front or back is a disclaimer of their funding...Who's trying to buy our ward?"


  1. Considering Phelan has raised nearly $35,000 in $1000 plus increments in the last few weeks that is truly an excellent question. Only one donation seems to have come from someone in the ward.

    Notice the recent name Terry Teele. Mister Teele also appeared in Alderman Shiller's campaign disclosure numerous times. Mister Teele also was a deputy chief of Staff to Mayor Daley before he was forced out in a scandal.

    Those of you who think Molly Phelan is independent are fooling yourselves.

    Where is the final accounting for the money raised and spent for Fix Wilson Yard? Phelan seems to be able to use my email address to send out campaign news, but nothing regarding how the Fix Wilson Yard cash was spent.

    It seems to be a Happy Valentines Day for Molly Phelan. So much cash. So little accountability.

    Her first campaign mailer said

    'The only candidate for Alderman who has a plan to crack down on crime.'

    It even features an apparently on duty Chicago Police Officer in uniform and a police car.

    That is one way to fight crime I guess.

    I will post her recent donations in another comment as this is very long already.

  2. I have a slogan for Molly Phelan

    From the song by Randy Newman

    It's Money that I love.

    Occupation: Information Requested
    Employer: Information Requested311 HOJEM LANE
    GRAYSLAKE, IL 60030 $1,000.00

    Teele, Terry
    Occupation: Information Requested
    Employer: Lobbyist Consultant1306 W Ardmore
    Chicago, IL 60660 $1,000.00

    Herro, David
    Occupation: Inv Mgmt
    Employer: HALP65 E Goethe St
    Chicago, IL 60610-2628$4,600.00

    Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC200 E. Randolph Street
    Chicago, IL 60601 $5,000.00

    Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association27 E Monroe St
    # 1200
    Chicago, IL 60603 $1,000.00

    SUITE 2300
    Chicago, IL 60603 $4,000.00

    Chicagoland Apartment Association9950 Lawrence Ave
    Schiller Park, IL 60176-1310$2,500.00

    Citizens for Tully33 N. Dearborn, Suite 2450
    Chicago, IL 60602 $1,000.00

    Halim, Cameel
    Occupation: Property Management
    Employer: W R Property Management LLC915 W Carmen
    Chicago, IL 60640 $1,000.00

    Chgo Real Estate Conusting Group, LLC200 S Michigan Ave
    Ste 1100
    Chicago, IL 60604-2461$2,000.00

    McNabola, Ted
    Employer: Information Requested415 WEST SUPERIOR STREET
    Chicago, IL 60610 $1,000.00

    Anderson and Moore
    Occupation: Information Requested
    Employer: Information RequestedTom Anderson
    111 W. Washington #1100
    Chicago, IL 60602 $1,000.00

    Elden, Gary M
    Occupation: Attorney
    Employer: Grippo & Elden3750 N. Lake Shore Drive Unit 14E
    chicago, IL 60613 $1,000.00

    Levitt, Lori
    Occupation: Manager
    Employer: Lin-Lor Management5750 N Echo Canyon Cir
    Phoenix, AZ 85018-1242$1,000.00

    92467P LR Development Company350 West Hubbard Street
    Suite 301
    Chicago, IL 60654 $1,500.00

    Melman, Richard and Martha
    Occupation: Founder & Chairman
    Employer: Lettuce Entertain You5149 North Sheridan Rd.
    Chicago, IL 60640 $2,000.00

    Minaghan, Mary Kay
    Occupation: Attorney & Consultant
    Employer: MKM Services308 Circle Avenue
    Forest Park, IL 60130 $1,500.00

    Montana, James
    Occupation: Attorney
    Employer: Vedder Price1938 N Maud Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614-4908$1,000.00

    003758 Sanctuary Farms911 South Fleming
    Woodstock, IL 60098 $1,000.00

  3. It might be an oversight, but considering the amount of lovely cash Molly is raising it's a legitimate question. It was about 30 grand in big donations as of the end of last week.

    I also received two "letters" from neighbors on her behalf.

    Both "letters" were identical. Amateurish. At least vary the letters and envelopes.

    As I think I said last week I suspect Molly would be a Mary Ann Smith or Tom Tunney type of alderman. That's an improvement over the current alderman, but I'd prefer someone like Wauguspeck. Only with an easier name and less geeky.

    I already early voted for Cappleman so my bias/preference is clear.

    Take my meandering comment with a big dose of table salt.....and a Guinness.

  4. One more thang.

    The Tully donation is interesting.

    That guy was Cook County Assessor back in the 70's. I thought he was dead.

    I'm sure he's glad I was wrong on dat one. Happy Valentines Day Mr T!

    Most of her bigger donations seem to be coming from real estate tax attorneys and real estate interests. Dat's not surprising.

    The Teele donation surprises me.

    Besides Nowotny's anemic donations this is a good indication that at least part of the regular machine types have abandoned him.

    Again, my prediction is Cappleman V Phelan in the "Thrilla in Vanilla" in the runoff.*

    *Thrilla in Manila was a Muhammad Ali fight in da 70's.

  5. Its increasingly apparent to me that Ms. Phelan's interests match the sources of her donations - outside our ward.

    When I see data like these I can't help but think she'd just use the position of alderman as a stepping stone to something else.

  6. I'd be interested to know who you work for Ken on Kenmore. You seem passionately anti molly.

    I appreciate knowing who donated to her campaign. Could you be persuaded to give us info on the others, including whomever you support?

  7. It's obvious that Uptown Update is arm of the Capplemen campaign. Uptown Update has attacked Nowotny and now Phelan...nothing negative about the ex priest.

  8. I like Molly. I donated several times to Fix Wilson Yard because I thought it was a good cause and Molly did a good job selling it. Molly has said several times when questioned about where the money went that 99% of the money raised went to attorneys fees and that she would be releasing a complete accounting of how the money was spent. I believed her. Yet she hasn't lived up to that promise and it makes me doubtful about her candidacy. We've already have an alderman who isn't transparent about money and makes lots of promises that aren't kept. I really don't look forward to another. Where's that Fix Wilson Yard accounting, Molly?

  9. Uptown, I have not hidden my support for Michael Carroll. I do not work for any candidate in the sense of being a compensated consultant or paid.

    If you are interested in seeing what larger donations candidates are receiving look at the links provided here

    Michael Carroll has about $4000 in larger donations. $2000 which I just found from the Teamsters union posted today.

    Cappleman's are as follows

    Denny, James
    Occupation: Information Requested
    Employer: Employer: Retired 1 N Wacker
    Unit 4055
    Chicago, IL 60606 $2,500.00
    2/2/2011 1A

    McElroy, Michael
    Occupation: Attorney
    Employer: Michael P. McElroy, P.C. 4619 N Magnolia Ave
    Chicago, IL 60640-5274 $1,000.00
    2/2/2011 1A

    Nunziato, Ron
    Occupation: Information Requested
    Employer: Information Requested 4544 N Hazel St
    Chicago, IL 60640-5716 $2,000.00

    Davis, Jeremy
    Occupation: Director-Invenstor Relations
    Employer: Apollo Group, Inc 1000 W Leland Ave
    Chicago, IL 60640-3064 $1,000.00
    2/10/2011 1A

    Ward, Robert
    1000 w Leland Ave $1000

    You may notice that both Michael Carroll and Cappleman have raised far less money from outside the ward than Molly Phelan. You will also notice that most of Capplemans donations are from addresses in the ward.

    I am passionately anit Phelan. Her claiming to be the only candidate with a plan to fight crime is offensive. I expect 'puffery' in campaign literature. That was too much. How stupid does she believe the average voter is.

    If you want to see how much or little the other candidates have raised have at it. I just looked at those three today.

    As of Friday I do not think any of the others had raised any large donations of cash in a few weeks.

  10. It's obvious that Uptown Update is arm of the Capplemen campaign. Uptown Update has attacked Nowotny and now Phelan...nothing negative about the ex priest.

    Uptowndude, send in a violation of the election laws by Cappleman and we'll print it. So far he hasn't:

    - used an on-duty cop in his literature
    - used city-owned property in his literature
    - failed to identify who paid for his campaign mailings
    - claimed, then denied claiming, the endorsement of a 501c3 tax-exempt organization that is prohibited by law from being involved politically.

    Dig up a violation of the election laws by Cappleman and we'll run it. Same goes for Kaplan, McIntyre, Shapiro, Lam, Carroll, Baskin and Stewart. You gonna claim we're all in cahoots with them too?

    Are you just figuring a good defense is to make wild accusations of bias? There's an old saying: Don't shoot the messenger.

  11. Oh come on UU. Your points are well taken, but are you really saying you are not Cappleman supporters?

    You have done a pretty good job so far despite your Capplemen bias though, I'll give you credit.

  12. The people who put UU together support different candidates. Number one reason we're not endorsing anyone.

    We're so thrilled to have your half-hearted endorsement.

  13. CN,

    LOL. Come on. Don't take it so personally!

    I find many of the arguments that people make against different candidates "Birther" arguments.

    Even though I stand by my position that if Carroll's brother was an advisor on that Chicago Code show, he should withdraw from the race. It was lousy.

    Loosen up folks!

  14. This is a week before an election so I expect it to get a little wild. It's also not the time to commit a stupid mistake.

    Molly was asked more than a few times to show proof of where the money went for the Wilson Yard lawsuit and not providing a report is going to hit her in the behind.

    Not reporting on her campaign lit that it's paid for by her campaign was also a mistake. She's an attorney so she should know better and given all the attorneys that are donating to her campaign, I would have thought someone would have warned her.

    However, what's really worrisome is the amount of money she's getting from outside the ward from special interest groups. I wonder if all these people from outside the ward are giving to her because they suddenly developed a profound interest in the 46th Ward? I'm smelling a lot of smoke and if I were Molly, I'd be concerned.

  15. "'I also received two "letters" from neighbors on her behalf.

    Both "letters" were identical. Amateurish. At least vary the letters and envelopes'.
    February 14, 2011 6:27 PM
    Irish Pirate

    Were the letters IP is referring to paid for by the Phelan campaign?

    If so did they have the required campaign identification information?

    If not then who paid to send out such letters?

    I am sorry. I guess the rules only apply to certain candidates. Not those who can raise nearly $35,000 in a matter of weeks from outside the ward. I apologize.

    I will say no more because clearly I am wrong.

    Go Team Molly!

  16. I am of the same mind as GG--*I* donated money to Fix Wilson Yard, too...and haven't seen any accounting for how the cash was actually spent...except for Ms. Phelan using the mailing list from Fix Wilson Yard for her own campaign. Not good.

    And I'll add one other thing, based on IP's comment about it "might be an oversight". Ms. Phelan is an attorney--she isn't SUPPOSED to miss things as basic as complying with election law, or she isn't worth her salt in her chosen profession. But based on her failure on Fix Wilson Yard and the way that effort just withered away without an endpoint...I'd say that Ms. Phelan doesn't follow through with her committments, she's just about Molly. Period.

  17. Can I use the word "nipples" in a comment here? I guess we're about to find out.

    To paraphrase the famous "Monty Python" naughty Hungarian sketch, "My nipples are exploding with delight."

    I am so proud of you fellow Uptowners. I thought this was going to be a boring election where everyone was respectful and nice. Well everyone not named Kaplan or Shapiro that is.

    Finally some anger and some accusations. I'm hoping for some dirty tricks prior to Tuesday.

    This is so much fun. Particularly since my preferred candidate hasn't screwed up yet. There is time though.

    James, time to admit that you fathered some of the octomom's kids. Let's not push it. Maybe just two or three of them.

    Now there are 11 candidates in this fuster cluck of an election. I expect 6 or so think they can make the runoff. Expect a few of them to contact election officials and lawyers to investigate some of the more recent things posted here.

    Scott Baskin? You reading dis'?

    Time to put that $20,000 you gave your campaign last week to use.

    The only shot you have is to knock a few of the leading candidates out. Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge nudge.

    Later, I'm going to Jewel for some alcohol and a steak. This is gonna be amusing.

    Bon apetit!

  18. Enough of the petty BS. The Civic Federation said today that the City needs to privatize everything.

    Hum. I am sure they have many concerns about the health of the city's finances because they care about the people.

    Hum. Must we follow the money again?

    Lets start asking the real questions when it comes to politics.

    What do the candidates feel about the bond holders controlling City fiscal policy?

    Sorry it is not sexy or entertaining, but it is real.

  19. Ken On Kenmore - thank you for your research. While I don't agree with your political selection on our next alderman (I favor Cappleman)...I respect your position. I think you are correct in your ascertations on Molly since I was involved in many community meetings on Wilson Yard. Her approach is assertive and I have seen it many times which is what turns people off and is just "more of the same." Shiller had the same approach, we need an alderman that is inviting to debate and discussing issues, regardless of what they are. Molly's family is in the real estate/developer business and I would NOT DOUBT FOR A MINUTE that she is looking to reward development contracts to her family business. Being a lawyer, I am sure she knows how to do it; just like Shiller with Holsten and Brendon watching on. Becareful folks -- poll your candidates to ensure they are fighting for your beliefs. DO NOT believe written campaign literature. You know where that has gotten us!

  20. If Phelan's raised $35,000 in the last two weeks, I don't really see how there can be any doubt who paid for the mailings.

    True, the mailer should have included the disclaimer. Graphic designers and mail houses screw up.

    Uptown Update could probably end all the crazy speculation by calling or e-mailing her and asking her if she paid for it or if someone else did.

    As for the $35,000 she raised being from "outside forces", if the accusation is that the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Building Owners & Managers Association, Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association, and the most successful restaurant owner in the city are somehow going to muscle their way into the ward and create jobs: GOD FORBID!

    Please, who will save us from the ugly threat of economic development?

    The fact of the matter is, whichever two candidates make it to the run-off are going to raise and spend between $400,000 each.

    Any campaign that doesn't admit that should quit now and save themselves the embarrassment in April.

    And anyone who thinks they are going to raise $400-$500,000 from within the ward needs to go re-examine the census data and their head.

    What's really sad and telling is the number of people on this site who resort to personal attacks.

    Sad, because Shiller isn't even gone yet and you already miss her and are looking for someone to be angry at.

    Telling, because the outbreak of personal attacks is a sign of panic. "Her approach is assertive"? Was that supposed to be a criticism? Frankly, I want an Alderman who is going to stand up and fight for the things they believe in.

    @Ken on Kenmore: I find it pretty ironic that you attack Phelan for accepting contributions from outside the ward. My uncle was a Teamster, but last time I checked, they aren't headquartered in the ward.

    You know who is though? 1020 Lawrence LLC, aka "Lawrence House", who just gave Michael Carroll $1000.

    For those who have forgotten:

    Lawrence House: No Fire Alarms

    A resident was critically burned in a fire at Lawrence House (1020 W Lawrence) today. Lorraine Swanson of Lake Effect News was there and broke the story that residents told her: no working fire alarms in this residence, which houses the disabled and the elderly. Unconscionable! -- Uptown Update, 3/9/2010

    Yep, that Michael Carroll is a reeel champion of law-and-order

  21. Of course, that Lawrence House fire was followed by this:

    2nd Lawrence House Fire Highlights History Of Code Violations

    Building code violations ranged from rust and roaches, to failing to keep floors free of large cracks and leaving smoke detectors unrepaired, which was brought to light following a March fire that injured one tenant. The building has had 137 violations logged against it, a few dating back to 1989. As of Thursday, 39 of those violations were still open, according to documents provided by the Chicago Department of Buildings.

    Please, someone tell me again how Michael Carroll is the guy who is going to clean up our neighborhood. I need a good laugh.

  22. Ooh, nice! Turning this into a Michael Carroll attack.

    You've been in politics a long time, Doggie. You're much savvier than the "aw, shucks" tactics you're using here.

    If Phelan's raised $35,000 in the last two weeks, I don't really see how there can be any doubt who paid for the mailings.

    So, the defense for violating the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Elections regarding campaign disclosures is "You should just assume who's paying for it"? Silly us. You'd think a candidate who boasts she's a lawyer might have a little more respect for the election code. Where in case law does "just assume" take precedence over the actual regulations of the Board of Elections?

    True, the mailer should have included the disclaimer.

    Truer, the Election Board specifically requires the disclaimer.

    Graphic designers and mail houses screw up.

    Apparently so do a highly paid group of campaign consultants. Unless Molly and her campaign group aren't reviewing literature that goes out under her name? Or doesn't know the election laws? Or doesn't care? Whatever happened to "The Buck Stops Here"? Easier to blame a nameless, faceless mailing house than take responsibility, I guess.

    It was a screw-up. You're doing a nice job of setting up Michael Carroll's campaign contributions as a nice bright shiny object to divert away attention, and of turning Uptown Update into the straw man bad guy.

    But it all boils down to, someone who wants to be our next alderman sent out two mailings that violated the State Board's rules and regulations, and someone caught her. All the deflection in the world doesn't erase that fact.

  23. @Caring Neighbor:

    I'm not turning Uptown Update into a straw man bad guy.

    You guys reported the story on Lawrence House, and I'm sure you stand by it. They are bad neighbors.

    The accusation of the post by Ken on Kenmore -- a confessed Carroll Supporter -- is that you can judge a candidate by their donors.

    Well, Phelan has taken money from the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. Carroll took money from the owners of Lawrence House.

    Let the judging begin!

    Phelan's raised money from "outside the ward." Cappleman's raised over $20,000 from outside the ward, some of it from as far away as Beverly Hills and Washington, D.C.

    Call Simon Cowell.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the mail piece shouldn't have the disclaimer on it. It should, and I'm not making excuses for anyone either.

    But frankly, I'd be much more concerned if there was mail going out on Phelan's behalf and she wasn't reporting any money. Or if it was a "hit piece" on another candidate that no one wanted to take credit for.

    The bottom line is: we can spend the next three months debating who took money from whom, debating who is most like Shiller and who is not.

    Or, we can spend the next three months debating why shots are being fired outside my condo at nine in the morning, Broadway looks like a scene out of a 1930's period flick, and who is the best candidate to do something about it.

    My grandmother was a political reporter and columnist across six decades, so trust me when I say that as a caretaker of Uptown Update, you have a big responsibility on your shoulders, and I do not envy you. No matter what you do, someone from every side of the debate will accuse you of pulling for the other team.

    Since you requested a violation of the state's election laws by Cappleman, I'll give you one.

  24. == someone who wants to be our next alderman sent out two mailings ==

    I thought the whole point about this post -- Indeed the title -- was that we didn't know who sent it?

    Or, did you just make my point.

  25. I expect all the candidates to trip up now and then. The election laws are horrendous, outdated, complicated, and confusing. This was a really stupid mistake because mail houses know this requirement and so should any candidate.

    I'm not bothered by candidates getting some money from outside the ward. Getting the vast majority of one's money from connected attorneys outside the ward shows me someone who's trying to buy the election for questionable reasons. Molly's dad owns a downtown commercial real estate tax attorney business. If elected, I can't help believe that her dad's business would hit the jackpot, whether Molly stops working there or not.

    I agree though that she will need to raise $400,000 or so and outspend everyone she can because she has a lot of hurdles to jump. Right now, she's tripping up.

  26. There is a forum featuring Molly TONIGHT and the weather is as good as it gets..... Just look higher on the page in the article labeled Aldermanic Forums... if you truly are bothered by this, I suggest you show up and ask her in person... There is a difference between kvetching on her and actually caring enough to get off your butt and attend/ask a candidate. Otherwise, you are exemplifying why Chicago is called the "windy city"...

  27. Last week in another thread I pointed this out and asked Yellow Dog Democrat this:

    "Now for someone who claims to have been in Uptown for six years it's strange that your blogger profile lists your home as "Springfield" and your job as consultant:

    Old Yeller

    * Gender: Male
    * Astrological Sign: Cancer
    * Industry: Consulting
    * Location: Springfield : Central Illinois : United States

    Just sayin'. Time to change that.

    Now you said you weren't being paid by Molly's campaign. Ok, dat's fine. Are you being paid by any PAC or similar group?

    Don't answer. I prefer you leave us in suspense.

    Silly Wabbitt........tricks are for kidz."
    (end of earlier quote)

    I didn't get an answer from "ah shucks" YDD.

    I do admire the audacity of his criticizing attacks and then attacking Michael Carroll.

    Now I'm going to give Molly two pieces of advice. Free advice which is probably better than the advice the paid professionals are giving her.

    1. Release the spending numbers for Fix Wilson Yard. IMMEDIATELY.

    2. Get out in front of "mailergate". If it was just a screwup just say it was a screwup. There is no such thing as perfection in this life. I expect campaigns to make mistakes. The real lesson to be learned is in how they deal with them.

  28. Yellow Dog Democrat - I did call Molly's campaign office and ask about the flyers. I was told it was "paid for by the campaign just like all the others." So, it is probably just an error, but if for some reason the flyer was sent out by another PAC or firm, it would be critical to identify them.
    I have also contacted Molly's campaign office regarding the accounting of Fix Wilson Yard fund. As a supporter of Fix Wilson Yard, I have been told for years that a full accounting of how the funds were spent would be available. Owen (one of Molly’s many paid campaign consultants), told me that complete details of Fix Wilson Yard is available through the organization's tax returns (which he did not offer to provide to me).
    Through my research, I was able to obtain the IRS tax returns (990 forms) for Fix Wilson Yard for 2008 and 2009. I uploaded these documents for review for the readers of Uptown Update (as there have been several requests for them).
    For anyone familiar with 990 forms, these are tax returns for non-profits with a similar level of detail to individual tax returns. Therefore, there is no detail regarding how the money was spent other than on “Professional fees and other payments to independent contractors.” The combined total spent for 2008 and 2009 was $86,834. Owen also told me that none of this money was given to a firm that employed Molly. Considering that Fix Wilson Yard was a failure (there were no changes to the Wilson Yard project), it is even more important to see how our neighbor’s contributions were spent.

  29. I agree with holy moley - someone is trying to buy the election. As much as I'm troubled by where Molly Phelan's contributions are coming from there's one thing that has troubled me a bit more in recent weeks.

    During Fix Wilson Yard, I accepted a Facebook freind request from Molly. I thought she was doing some good for the community. Last week I noticed Molly had become friends with Jon Trott of the Jesus People. If there's one voting block in Uptown that I am aware if it's the JPUSA. That's when I became worried that maybe she's a bit more Heln Shiller than she ever represented herself to be.

  30. @IrishPirate -

    LOL. Thanks for pointing that out! Sorry I missed it. That must be ten years old.

    For the record, I'm no longer single either, so take me off your prospects list...I'll fix it right away.

    And if you doubt my residency, I'm more than happy to meet you at Carol's for a beer: you're buying.

  31. To me, there was only two candidates that put their necks out for Wilson Yard. The two had two different approaches which begs the question, which one was more effective in trying to stop it from happening (if that was your position). The other candidates who did not like the lack of transparency or the project its of the TIF and criticize it with out doing any thing, just enabled by just their inaction.

  32. Considering that Fix Wilson Yard was a failure

    I'm gonna have to disagree on that one.

    FWY did not deter the construction of anything with the curious use of tax dollars. No.

    What FWY did accomplish (in some form, or another) was to put Holsten, et al, on notice that the residents of the ward would not tolerate "business as usual" with regards to the execution of existing public housing models.

    I would certainly consider having the well being of WY residents being put into the spotlight, and having WY as a decent entity in the neighborhood as a far cry from defeat.

    We haven't heard a single bad peep from WY up to this point.

    And, despite what certain politically motivated groups might want the public to believe, having WY as a good neighbor was a main concern of many.

    Additionally, prior to FWY the only time anyone would see any sort of critical eye cast in the direction of "TIFs", it would have been almost exclusively in the Chicago Reader.

    The "major" media within the city would mention TIFs in such a way that the Mayor's office certainly enjoyed.

    Now - TIFs are the talk of the town - being discussed candidly in conversations both political and public.

    Further - while there is way to prove this, empirically, the Maryville project may be a victim of increased awareness of the curious machinations of TIFs.

    I am by no means trying to endorse/support/defend one candidate over another in this post - nor am I defending any sort of monetary issues related to FWY; but, to declare FWY a failure without considering the broader effects of the lawsuit is more than a bit short-sighted.

    As for Molly befriending Jon Trott - I'd see that as a complete anti-Helen move. How often did Helen ever try to publicly engage in those who she knew disagreed with her?

    I'd prefer to see all candidates engage with their political and/or ideological opponents more.

    Again, I'm not supporting Molly's candidacy in this post, and if others hadn't done such a good job attacking her on this campaign sign, I'd have fired up the keyboard much sooner.

  33. I completely agree with you Yo! To say FWY was a failure because the plans were not changed is not looking at the whole picture. Would it have been nice to be included in the planning process? Yes. Did that happen? No. However a major spotlight did get pointed at the citywide abuse of TIF's and how much tax money does not make it to libraries, schools and police. My neighbors are now able to identify what a TIF is, and community members now ask much more specific questions to any developer or pol that wants to use TIF’s.

    I would say that is a lot of positive change, not a failure. From the beginning FWY was pretty clear how difficult it would be to stop the Wilson Yard Project. Education about the process of TIF's was a goal as well. I am not a supporter for Molly being alderman, but she did a lot of positive work, as did everyone else with FWY, regarding educating people about TIF abuse.

  34. @yo: Not sure what you mean by "major media", but the folks over at the Reader -- Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumpke -- are two of the best city hall reporters of our time.

    And they have been all over the boring details of TIF abuse for a long time.

    But yes, the 46th Ward was really one of the first in the city to really question the lack of transparency and accountability with TIFs.

    What I'd like to see with regard to TIFs is language similar to the Corporate Accountability Act created for state government in 2003.

    That measure requires a detailed projection of the expected benefits when tax dollars are being spent, and has claw back provisions when businesses accepting taxpayer dollars don't hold up their end of the bargain.

    If TIF dollars are being handed over to benefit a particular company, they should have to sign a document stating how many permanent jobs they are going to create, and we should know whether they are good-paying jobs or menial pay. If the company doesn't hold up their end of the bargain, creating say only 25 jobs when they promised 100, the taxpayers should get 75% of the money back.

    Likewise, everybody SAYS that spending money on streetscaping improves the retail economy, but has anyone ever actually said "if we build flower boxes, it will stimulate $1 million a year in new spending" and then actually gone back to see if TIFs work? I haven't seen that.

    Finally, we need to look at the cost side of the ledger.

    There are tremendous economic costs (on top of the societal ones) to funding TIFs instead of schools or programs to treat drug addiction that city leaders and even economists choose to ignore.

  35. YDD,

    you're seemingly an expert at dodging questions or diverting attention from other issues.

    Now you're clearly a Molly supporter. Nothing wrong with dat.

    The question is are you being "consulted" in any way, shape or form to help her campaign?

    That means you could be working for another entity, yet still helping the Mighty Molly.

    As for YO's comment that FWY was a partial success I generally agree.

    It did bring light to the TIF issue and contributed to Shiller hitting da road.

    Success is defined in many ways.

    Molly did fine work with FWY. She also needs to give a complete accounting of how the money raised was spent. If she doesn't it will only harm her aldermanic campaign.

  36. @yo - BTW, I agree with you wholeheartedly on your comments regarding John Trott.

    The last thing Uptown needs is an alderman who is only willing to listen to the people who agree with her or him.

    Many people on this blog have expressed their displeasure that they feel their concerns fell on deaf ears with the current alderman.

    Do we really want to go down that same road, just the opposite fork?

    Its sad that some people still believe that politics is a game of subtraction and division, not addition and multiplication.

    We're never going to address the substantial challenges facing our ward if we keep playing the same old game.

  37. @yo: Not sure what you mean by "major media", but the folks over at the Reader -- Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumpke -- are two of the best city hall reporters of our time.

    No argument re: Ben or Mike; however, by "major" media, I mean media outlets to which most are exposed.

    Granted, the Reader has a strong following, but after years of ringing the TIF bell, how many people really paid attention until media types with cameras showed up?

    Not too many.

  38. Did Fix Wilson Yard change anything about the project? Did it make Holsten more accountable? I highly doubt it. The housing at Wilson Yard is primarily owned by JP Morgan through a complex series of financial transaction involved affordable housing tax credits and syndicators. JP Morgan requires that this property (and the hundreds of others it invests in) to be professional run and maintained, and communities all over the countries have affordable housing buildings owned by banks. JP Morgan will not allow their multi-million dollar investment turn into a slum.

    Unfortunately, Alderman Shiller and Holsten failed to effectively communicate this to the community throughout the process. Fix Wilson Yard, in my opinion, made this communication worse due to the accusations made by Fix Wilson Yard to residents. This created more division in the community, and instead of trying to work with the community, subpoenas and lawsuits became the form of communication. I am by no means defending Holsten and Shiller’s communication with the community – my point is that Fix Wilson Yard did not make any positive changes to this project.

    So far, I have not heard any problems from the Wilson Yard tenants. From what I can tell, they have been good neighbors. Fix Wilson Yard created more hysteria than solutions. And, for anyone with knowledge of the project, the project planning and financing process was too far along for any possible legal action to take place (and I think as an attorney, Molly would know that). If legal action was to be taken to stop the development, it should have been done in 2005 or 2006. Where was Molly then? Oh right, not living in our neighborhood.

  39. From what I have heard, Jon Trott is reaching out to most of the 46th ward candidates. Since Alderman Shiller is no longer in office, JPUSA probably realizes that they need to work with whoever the new alderman is to protect their place in Uptown. I am curious to see how the JPUSA residents will votes - my money is on Marc Kaplan.

  40. So, in summary... let's take out the Jon Trott stuff, the Michael Carroll stuff, the Lawrence House stuff, the source of legal contributions... and ask ...
    1- Did the Phelan campaign screw up, or was it just that awful mailing house?
    2 - Does YDD work for Molly, which is why he's so good at raising a dust cloud?
    3 - Is Molly ever going to release what happened to the Fix Wilson Yard money... as she promised several times? Because I'm really tired of continually asking people about what happened to my money for Wilson Yard... on both sides of the aisle, apparently! That project just sucks away money with no explanation!!

  41. @IrishPirate -

    I wasn't a member of Fix Wilson Yards or a donor, were you?

    If so, I suggest you contact their treasurer if you want to know how the money was spent.

    I don't know who that was, but someone referenced the organization's 990's, and I'm sure their name is on there.

    I, for one, have questions about Wilson Yard of my own.

    Mr. Cappleman's website lists among his credentials that he's served on the board of the Uptown Chicago Commission for the past ten years. Their website takes credit for helping to create the Wilson Yard TIF in 2000 -- without any transparency or public accountability.

    Now that the public is outraged about the lack of transparency and accountability in TIFs, Mr. Cappleman is all about TIF reform.

    I'd like to know what his involvement was in UUC in 2000, particular to Wilson Yard TIF. Was he on the board then, and what was he doing about it in the intervening years before it became a campaign issue, and while serving on the board of directors of an organization that helped create the problem in the first place?

    I don't know the answer, and if anyone does I'd appreciate them sharing the answer. It may be that when we see all the minutes from the board meetings that Mr. Cappleman attended, there was great debate and fiery outrage, that Mr. Cappleman pleaded with his fellow board members to rethink their support for TIFs.

    When he releases the minutes of those meetings, we'll know.

    But it seems to me a bit odd to be boasting on one web page that you're a leader in a group that created the Wilson Yard TIF and lament on another that TIFs are draining resources from our schools.

    And yes, my blog posts are mine and mine alone, not the behest of any candidate, group or faction.

    I am a self-confessed policy junky, and my rants on CapitalFax are profuse. As a resident of Uptown, now married with a son, I've turned some of that attention on my own neighborhood, especially after gun fire rang out at 9 am half a block from my house.

    What about you? I know I've seen you on CapFax occasionally. Are you really a druid? When are you going to buy me that beer? Or rum??

  42. I suggest you contact their treasurer if you want to know how the money was spent.

    I suggest we hold Molly to her many promises to release the accounting figures instead.

    my blog posts are mine and mine alone, not the behest of any candidate, group or faction.

    But do you work for Molly?

    Let's talk about Molly here. Not Cappleman. Not Trott. Not Carroll.

    When will Molly release the Wilson Yard accounting that she promised many times, months ago? It's starting to look like more promises and no follow-through. No accountability to people who gave many thousands of dollars to Molly's cause, yet can't find get the promised answers from her about where it went.

    I fully expect you to reference Michael Madigan, Brendan Reilly, Diane Shapiro, and Harry Osterman in your reply, or non-reply. You're really good at blaming people for asking questions. Not so good at answering them.

    Sadly, it's starting to look like your boss isn't, either.

    I really believed in Molly. Her inaction and your obsfucation are leading me to dislike her campaign and its tactics. Intensely.

  43. Yellow pooch,

    U are amazing.

    U are an obfuscator of biblical proportion.

    I'm talkin' Old Testament obfuscation. Fire and brimstone, plagues and locusts. Cats and dogs living together. Real end of the world stuff. Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness..........sorry for the "Ghostbusters" reference.

    I did donate to FWY. I am not a paid political operative. Never have been. I have donated to various campaigns over the years, but never enough to be required to be ID'd on a campaign disclosure.

    The last thing I want is political campaigns calling me looking for donations. Generally I find politicians annoying. I ran into Alan Dixon years ago. He brought new meaning to the word "oleaginous". I generally like my pols to be of the unsmiling variety like Mike Quigley or Jim Webb.

    So you still haven't answered the question of whether you are being paid by any entity supporting Molly. Perhaps that was an oversight on your part.......perhaps not.

    You have managed to attack Cappleman and Carroll though.

    I am not a druid. My religious beliefs are "cultural Catholic with a bad moon rising". I enter Churches for weddings and funerals or other related events that my mom deems my presence necessary or my nieces threaten me with bodily harm if I don't appear.

    No drinking with you. I took the pledge* years ago........belch.

    *reference to promising not to drink very popular among a group of Irish non drinkers called the Pioneers.

  44. @gardengrowth -

    No, I don't work for Molly. I'm sorry, I thought I answered that question a long time ago.

    Honestly, I like the new Target, and so does my wife. Its good to be able to buy diapers, groceries, and get prescriptions filled all in one stop.

    If you don't want to talk about James Cappleman's leadership role, or lack there of, in TIF oversight, fine, we won't talk about it.

    Frankly, I was just hoping to get some quick honest answers because there are so many on this site who seem to know him so well.

    Like I said, maybe Cappleman has always been a champion for TIF reform, and he was just fighting a losing battle at UUC.

    I'm not prejudging the guy, just trying to get the facts, just like you want the facts about Fix Wilson Yard.

    And if Molly promised you the data -- as a former leader of Fix Wilson Yards, and not as a political candidate -- and you didn't get what you were looking for, i hope you get it soon.

    And while I understand that someone contacted her campaign office and was frustrated by the response, quite frankly I don't think its the role of her campaign to answer questions about Fix Wilson Yards. Her campaign and Fix Wilson Yards are two separate entities, and it would be no more appropriate for her campaign to speak for Fix Wilson Yards than it would be for Fix Wilson Yards to speak for her campaign.

    In fact, my bet is it gets into some grey areas of the law.

    But what I don't understand is, is there some accusation that money was somehow misspent? That she put it in her own pocket? Otherwise, I don't understand why we're talking about FWY.

  45. I cut Molly some slack when she was campaigning at my block party this past summer and her guest said to me, "Oh, you're running keg while being surrounded by beautiful ladies, what more can you need?"

    I replied, "Some dudes." You should have seen the look on her face. Awkward.

    Apparently he didn't realize he was in the gayborhood, but I wouldn't hold that against Molly. She seemed nice enough during our brief introduction.

    I wasn't truly annoyed by Molly's campaign tactics until my next door neighbor (one of her ardent supporters) sent me a letter begging for my support. The letter was sent on a plain piece of paper in a plain envelope through the mail.

    This neighbor has never taken the time to introduce herself to me, let alone hand deliver the letter to show her support. It was beyond lazy - it actually kinda creeped me out. That's not the way to win my support.

    The candidate that I voted for (thank you early voting) has not only taken the time to get to know me and my concerns about the ward, but he's also done it personally on several occasions, not through a letter from a lackey.

    Anyways, I'll stop talking campaign now since I'm done voting (for now - fingers crossed that it doesn't go to a runoff). I just thought I'd share my Molly stories for old times sakes. :)

  46. But what I don't understand is, is there some accusation that money was somehow misspent? That she put it in her own pocket? Otherwise, I don't understand why we're talking about FWY.

    Ahhh. I knew you couldn't resist bringing someone else into your reply. You're just an attack doggie. You and George Atkins should have drinks sometime and compare notes.

    I don't know if anyone is accusing Molly of (your words) "putting the money in her own pocket." But that's the thing. By not releasing the accounting figures, Molly is both going back on her word and leaving a lot of questions about how the FWY money was spent.

    Molly personally told me an accounting would be released any moment. Six months ago. It still hasn't been released.

    I would expect Molly, personally, to ensure that those accounting figures were released to the people who financed her and FWY.

    See, I believed in Molly. Really believed. "Miracle On 34th Street" type believed.

    I believed her when I attended fundraisers at T's and at the Glazebrooks' home and wrote out some checks.

    I believed her when she came and spoke to our block club and told us she needed our support for FWY.

    I believed her when she said at the Holiday Club that FWY was putting a hold on its lawsuit because it had run out of money, but that FWY would continue as an entity that would be an activist watchdog group against TIFs.

    I believed her when she looked me in the eye and told me that the FWY accounting figures would be released by FWY by July.

    Yes, I believed all those things. But look! No accounting figures. No watchdog group.

    So while I would hate to think that anyone is HIDING what happened to the FWY money, I have learned by sad experience that I get told a lot of things by Molly that don't happen.

    That makes me wonder about a lot of things. Accounting? Accountability? Watchdog group? Transparency?

    We already have an alderman who doesn't tell the truth and who hides financial dealings. I really believed Molly would be different. She talks a good, good game. Enough to make me believe in her. But her actions speak to another truth, entirely.

  47. @Cub - even if there is no direct cause/effect relationship between FWY and any sort of management of WY (a debatable point based on your post), I'll stand by my view that FWY did have some effect as far as injecting TIFs into the discussion of city finances.

    I'll take that.


    Her campaign and Fix Wilson Yards are two separate entities, and it would be no more appropriate for her campaign to speak for Fix Wilson Yards than it would be for Fix Wilson Yards to speak for her campaign.

    Speak for? No. You're right.

    However, to speak "to" is another matter, entirely:

    Molly has experience fighting to improve TIF programs. Molly was recruited by her neighbors in 2008 to lead Fix Wilson Yard, a group that fought for transparency and accountability at the Wilson Yard TIF project and for TIFs throughout Chicago.

    If you're going to campaign on a specific point, you'd best be prepared to address that point in as much detail as the people of the ward request.

  48. In regards to the question of Cappleman's support or opposition to the Wilson Yard project:

    James was very publically critical of the plan as early as the first large public meeting about the project at Truman back in, I believe, 2003 (the first one with the consultants).

  49. I think James is fairly clear where he stands on TIFs - this is directly from his campaign website:

    What James will do as Alderman
    James believes TIFs can be important to the elimination of blight, but more accountability and transparency is needed.

    From the Uptown Chicago Commission's website regarding accomplishments:

    In 2000, organized public testimony for the Wilson Yard and Lawrence-Broadway Entertainment Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts affecting Uptown, with the aim of establishing a stronger retail environment and more job opportunities.

    Therefore, Yellow Dog Democrat, I personally don't see a disconnect. UCC supported establishing the TIF to create a "stronger retail development" and James supports TIFs to improve blight, but wants tranparency and accountability. Unfortuately, neither tranparency or accountability are part of the Wilson Yard TIF.

    I believe in holding all candidates accountable for their actions and words, and if Scott Baskin or James Cappleman or any other candidate posted misleading information, I would be glad to call them out. But, in the case you referenced with TIFs, that is obviously not the case.

    Uptown residents gave their time, money and respect to Fix Wilson Yard, of which Molly was the public face. I considered supporting Molly, but if she can't even provide an accounting of $90K for FWY, I can't trust her to be transparent with an aldermanic menu budget, or to make responsible city budget decisions. No one is accusing her of misusing funds - we just want her to be as transparent as she wants others to be.

  50. Molly is at an Aldermanic Forum TONIGHT.. go and ask her in person! Lakeview Church of Christ, 4716 N. Malden. 6pm TONIGHT.

    RECORD asking her outside the church, inside, etc etc.... if she runs like Helen did at the Truman College event, we know Molly is Helen Jr. If she stands up and greatfully appreciates camera time to clear up the questions of her handling of the Wilson Yard lawsuit (of which I too contributed hundreds), then we know she is a true and responsible candidate...

  51. @Cub Reporter -

    That's the part I'm trying to figure out: UUC supported the creation of the Wilson Yard TIF in 2000. Cappleman was on its board of directors. Now he says he was against it in 2003.

    It sounds like he was for the Wilson Yard TIF before he was against it -- unless I'm missing something?

    @yo - My only point, from a legal perspective, is that the answer to where is the money? Shouldn't be directed to her campaign staff.

    Again, I hope you, gardenpatch and others get the answers to your questions soon. Its legit for members of Fix Wilson Yards to ask the former president for an accounting of how the money was spent.

    It just seems kind of crazy to call up her campaign office and ask for Fix Wilson Yards bank records. I would expect the one place their bank records should not be is in her campaign office.

    @marathonman -

    That story is actually kind of funny, but also kind of sad. Your neighbor has never taken the time to introduce herself to you and you've never taken the time to introduce yourself to her. Move to my block: we're all just dog owners.

    @CelticSwashbuckler -

    I must confess, after you reminded me my blogger profile hadn't been updated in six years, I took a peek at yours.

    Just didn't want you to think that the "druid" remark was some sort of stereotype.

    Some of your posts are rather funny.

    Congratulations on your sobriety.

    As for who you contribute to or choose not to, as far as I'm concerned, that's your business.

    I start with the principle that there are no undecided voters on blogs. That's where I come in.

    Like you, I like to challenge people, see if there's any humanity in them. Because if you think you know everything and you have no doubts, you've left the human race.

    I never really thought about it, but maybe I SHOULD get paid to blog on politics...although I'm not sure what the business model is. Like I said: not a lot of undecided voters here (despite the pleas of folks who say they are on the fence).

    Maybe blogging on issues would be better?

    Any advice??

  52. YDD,


    Don't drink and drive.

    As for sobriety I haven't had a drink now in, checks watch, 18 hours or so.

    Can I get an AA pin for that?

    Rumors of my sobriety are just that, rumors.

    Now if you will excuse me there was a census data dump earlier today and I need to pour myself some stout and have at it.

  53. Yellow Dog.. are you usually this full of crap. Smoke and mirrors seem to be your forte'. You are a friggin carpetbagger who is NOT from Uptown.. and I WILL be HAPPY to meet you at any bar here you want.. and record it for posterity... You are annoying and obviously work for Molly, which would not be a bad thing if you jsut said so upfront.

    But by you trying to act as though the readers of UU are in second grade and waving a big red balloon in the air so no one sees the BS on the ground, you insult those of us that have lived her for years... not months..

    So tell me Dog, where and when would you like to meet? I am there ...

  54. I would expect the one place their bank records should not be is in her campaign office.

    Records? No. But, again - anything that's on a candidate's website is fair game - especially if that particular item is being seen as the spring board for the campaign.

    As for the issue of someone supporting one thing in one year, and then against the same thing a few years later ... yes, you may in fact be missing something: whatever it was that happened within that three year span which may have caused someone to change their mind.

    But ... , in the spirit of equal criticism: I don't want my alderman to have anything to do with outside/special interest groups - especially those outside of the ward.

    I've met Howard Dean and consider him a bit of a douc**bag.

    Now, ... about those red balloons I heard about.

  55. @pirate: the only thing better than census data is the bureao of labor statistics.


  56. Why am I picturing Molly wearing a sombrero in a movie called "The Treasure of Sierra Molly".

    "Records, records, we don't need to show you no stinkin records."

    This is a controversy that Molly is entirely responsible for. Just release the damn information and get it over with. Otherwise the controversy will continue.

    The lack of the disclosure on the mailers may have been an oversight. Mistakes happen.

    This FWY disclosure stuff is simply the right thing to do.

  57. Dog, I noticed you completely ignored my post... so please scroll up, read it, and tell me where and when you would like to meet? I am available whenever you are... I can work from a home office so we are good to go... You there.. Dawg?

  58. Sorry, Rob. I missed your post.

    Um, is Carol's okay? Or do you have a favorite spot?

    I've learned not to bother denying that i am a "political operative" as IrishPirate put it.

    It's flattering, but if folks think that you're a political operative, they don't believe you when you say you're not.

    So really, what's the point?

  59. Yellow pup.. Carols is fine.. tell me when and where... lets see if you back up what you say.. and I will even have a 3rd party there to record for posterity that you showed up...

    And if you tell someone you will do something, as you just told me you will meet me at Carols, you keep your word or you are a liar.. so, dawg, THAT is the point. And you wont be able to miss me, I will come with a red balloon.. =)

  60. WOW--interesting reading. How long can a debate go on about providing a simple accounting summary regarding how funds were spend (FWY)? I'm sure Molly's staff is reading UU, so why don't you all just post a summary of the expenses? What is the big deal UNLESS someone is hiding something?

    All the unkept promises that have been made---is making me wonder. I also don't feel comfortable with all the non-local funds Molly is raising. Seems odd. This is all helping me to decide who I will not be voting for...

  61. @Taylor -

    Its like the birthers asking president Obama for "proof" that he's a U.S. citizen.

    They don't want proof, they won't accept proof, they just want to cast doubt.

    I don't doubt for a moment that if they were provided with a "simple accounting summary" as you put it, they'd demand "real" proof. After they got "real proof", they'd say "something's just not right, we have doubts."

    You don't have to be a "political operative" to recognize this game.

    @Rob -

    Shoot me an e-mail with your contact info so we don't have to bore everyone else with our internet dating. You don't have to bring a red balloon, flowers would be fine. :)

    Bring IrishPirate though, would you? He's an interesting fellow.

  62. In 2000, organized public testimony for the Wilson Yard and Lawrence-Broadway Entertainment Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts affecting Uptown, with the aim of establishing a stronger retail environment and more job opportunities. – from Uptown Chicago Commission’s website

    That's the part I'm trying to figure out: UUC supported the creation of the Wilson Yard TIF in 2000. Cappleman was on its board of directors. Now he says he was against it in 2003.

It sounds like he was for the Wilson Yard TIF before he was against it -- unless I'm missing something? - Yellow Dog

    Dawg, really now. Is that the best you can come up with to slam Cappleman? Did you attend the testimony to hear what members of UCC said they wanted versus what was put in there? Have you asked Cappleman?

    You insist that people contact Phelan to get the truth, but you don't bother to follow your own advice. Sounding like a bit of a hypocrite to me there, yellow dawg, a desperate hypocrite at that.

  63. I was just at the candidate forum where Molly Phelan was speaking tonight. A lady in the audience asked her for a copy of the records and was provided one. They had copies for all that were interested.

  64. @Dave


    I went tonight was there at the beginning and stayed through the end.

    Did she hand these out right at the very end when everyone was walking out?

    If so, can you send it to uptown update so they can post it for the rest of us?

    Molly? Can you give it to uptown update?


    -Former FWY Donor and Supporter

  65. They had copies for all that were interested.

    If true and those copies had comprehensive data: +1 Molly.

    Maybe +2 - since I'm just not used to political figure-types responding to anything.

  66. Great! I am looking forward to getting my copy in the mail, since I didn't go to Molly's forum tonight. I assume Molly will actually give the FWY accounting to people she promised it to, right? Those who gave her money?

    Because handing it out (allegedly) at a campaign event doesn't seem to be a very good plan, unless the event was restricted to people who donated to FWY.

    Now, if Molly had actually distributed the financial reports in a timely manner (when she promised she would), and had done it because it was the right thing to do, and as a way of thanking the FWY donors, I would be impressed. Doing it because a shitstorm broke out on a blog the week before Election Day? Not so impressive.

    I assume she also brought a little stamp and stamped the proper, legal language on the bottom of all the campaign pieces that went out without it.

    See, you can talk about everything under the sun, and change the subject, and attack, and plan drinks, but the fact remains:

    Molly's campaign broke the election rules and regulations, twice, and her attack dog blamed the printer and the graphic artists.

    And James Cappleman.

    And Michael Carroll.

    Also, Molly only handed out (supposedly, I should say, bowing to Jane's experience) FWY accounting the very day all hell broke loose, not when she said she would.

    It's almost... Shiller-esque.

  67. well, I had to leave right when it finished cause my babysitter couldn't stay longer so she may have handed it out afterwards

    but still. I was kinda hoping she would address it. I didn't want to ask directly cause I get nervous in front of people.

    I just want a better neighborhood for me and my family. I like Molly and am hoping she can clean this mess up.

    Please molly send the information to uptown update and they will post it and this can be over with

  68. @Yellow Dog

    Not sure who THEY might be--but I'm personally interested in a summary listing of the disbursements of FWY--and it seems like other residents are as well. This has nothing to do with Obama or anything else. Seems like a very simple request. I own a business and if someone asked me for a summary of anything financial---I'd have it in 5 min (got to love Quickbooks/Quicken)... Seriously, how many payments could FWY have made? Again, providing this data seems so simple...

    Molly was the President of FWY and now she is running for Alderman of the our ward. She should provide it (right away)--she should have provided it when asked--she's running for an office as a public servant -- to serve the public, I assume. Her response to this simple request (doesn't need to be complicated by some Obama issue or political games) is extremely disappointing. I think many of us had hoped to get better responses from our next Alderman via this election than we've rec'd over the past 10 years or so.

    I'm still undecided--but I'm extremely hesitant about Molly--just sharing my opinion.

    Again--to Molly and her staff--of course you are reading this board (assume all candidates are) -- send UU a copy of the disbursements of FWY so we are able to move on from this topic. A short note about why you've been asked for this repeatedly and did not issue it earlier might be nice.

    From the earlier post---the link to the FWY tax filing lists other residents---Judy Glazebrook signed the returns --- maybe she has some summary.

  69. I sent a copy of the information to UU but nothing has been posted.

    There was only one person who requested the document last night and it was given to her. There were many questions asked by attendees, questions which were more pertinent than FWY finances to the residents in attendance and that is what was addressed at the forum.

    If anyone would like a file, go ahead and ask. I'll be glad to send it to you or you can wait for UU to post.


  70. @Taylor - It sounds like she has.

    Perhaps some enterprising blogger at Uptown Update will contact her to ask for copies of whatever was apparently distributed last night, or they already have, and is planning on sharing it. Hopefully, that will answer everyone's questions.

    And while I don't see why anyone would have a right to your business records, I expect that Mr. Cappleman will be equally forthcoming with the financials and other records of his community involvement, if requested by the voters.

    I'm especially eager to see the minutes from the board meetings at UUC regarding the creation of the Wilson Yard TIF and what Mr. Cappleman did as a board member and now President of UUC to address the concerns over transparency and accountability that they helped create.

  71. ok, all. Simmer down. As a long-time board member of the UCC (and it's UCC not UUC - Uptown Chicago Commission), we didn't have anything to do with creating the Wilson Yard TIF. We were in favor of the TIF, as we believed it would bring bring much needed retail and business development to the area. We DID give a statement, once the PLAN for Wilson Yard was being hammered out, which we put together as a board, which gave approval, only if it was confined to retail and business development. We were adamently against ANY housing as part of the plan, and if any housing were to be built, we were in favor of market rate housing. I don't know if any of us still HAVE minutes from 2000, as the organization went to all-volunteer around 2005, and let office space go. But I think the actual minutes would be a let-down for those of you on a witch hunt.

  72. I was looking through old emails... and look what I got from Molly Phelan's brother about 6 months ago....

    Begin Quote.... "

    From: [] On Behalf Of Marty Phelan
    Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 1:27 PM
    To: Marty Phelan
    Subject: Support my sister, Molly Phelan, for Alderman!

    Hey everyone!

    Sorry for the mass email, but I have to tell a lot of people some great news!

    My sister, Molly, has officially filed her papers to enter the race for the Alderman's seat in Chicago's 46th ward!

    The 46th Ward, commonly referred to as "Uptown," is a part of Chicago with an incredibly rich history, particularly in the arts, and at one point was a central location for the movie industry. Unfortunately, the neighborhood has been plagued by crime and drugs for many years, and their long-term alderman, Helen Schiller, has been largely to blame. Schiller is not seeking re-election this year, but others are entering the election who would continue her policies and unjust practices. The importance of getting someone into her seat who does not accept the status quo cannot be overstated. Molly has already filed a landmark, first-of-its-kind lawsuit against the City of Chicago for the abuse of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) system in Chicago, which routinely takes our tax dollars and funnels them to private interests rather than truly serving the taxpayers themselves. The case used Shiller's abuse of TIF Financing for the "Wilson Yards" development as the basis (, as it stole over $52 million tax dollars and gave it to a politically well-connected real estate developer & other cronies. This fight against TIF abuse is one she will continue as Alderman, and affects EVERY AREA of Chicago, and every taxpayer - no matter which ward they live in!

    At the end of the month, the first fundraising figures for all candidates must be reported and declared. We believe that by posting BIG numbers in this first reporting period, the Molly Phelan for Alderman Campaign can send a STRONG message to voters that they have an advocate, and to Molly's competition that they may want to think twice about running against her.

    I am writing to you today to ask for your financial support of Molly's campaign, in any way that you feel that you can. Please visit and make a secure donation - of any amount! AND...If you forward to me the PayPal email confirmation of your donation, I will MATCH YOUR DONATIONS dollar-for-dollar, up to $500.

    From myself, and on behalf of my sister, thank you very much for your support of Molly's campaign!!

    GO, MOLLY, GO!!!


    " End quote.

    He is also a real estate agent with Keller Williams.