Monday, February 7, 2011

Nightclub/Bar Operators Please Apply

We saw something on EveryBlock that caught our eye recently:
"Permit issued for renovation/alteration , interior build-out of existing basement assembly space, per plans."
The address on the permit is 4713 N. Broadway, the Uptown Broadway Building. We checked with leasing agent Danny Spitz with @properties and he tells us that a lot of the hard work and cost for a potential bar/nightclub owner has been completed by getting this permit issued beforehand. The liquor license should be applied for any day now. This enormous basement space has sat vacant long enough. If you know of anyone looking to expand their nightclub or bar, look no further. A big portion of the not-so-fun work has been completed for you. Interested parties can contact Danny Spitz at 312-334-8394.
If you have never been in the basement space, check out a video tour here.


  1. Part of why the Wild pug or whatever it was called failed was its location.

    This building is gorgeous and has alot of windows and whatever goes there should have tons of charm and cool views of the the lawrence broadway and racine interesection.... Not to mention that you will probably feel vibrations from the EL since its directly adjacent to the redline.

    This makes sense....
    Correct me if Im wrong but there is no gastropub near this vicinity either so that may be an option?

  2. A bar/night club would be in the basement not the street level or upper levels:

    "Permit issued for renovation/alteration , interior build-out of existing basement assembly space, per plans."


    "The liquor license should be approved for the space any day now. This enormous basement space has sat vacant long enough."

    The street level areas that remain need some unique businesses in them (upscale clothing/shoes, Coffee House, etc.) and not nail salons, hair burners/weavers/braiders/wigs store, or check cashing.

    If you know of anyone wanting to open a unique business or needs office space please contact Danny Spitz at @properties.

  3. There is nothing about any liquor license application for that block on Every Block or on the City's own list of liquor license applications for the past six weeks.

    Maybe the realtor meant a liquor license is going to be applied for? Though I don't see how that would work without a tenant already signed up.

    Talked to a nightclub friend back awhile ago when the owner of Club Lucky in Bucktown was supposedly looking at the space. He had actually been inside and said the basement interior of that building was a interesting big space, but there were so many columns he could never figure out how to make it work as a nightclub.

    Hope the realtor has found someone who will.

    Anybody know what the deal is on the liquor license applied for orange sign in the 7-11 on Wilson? They already have liquor. I asked a clerk and they were nice but had no idea about anything.

  4. Joe-
    Yes, I am sure that Danny meant the license would be applied for.

  5. I think the idea of having a jazz club or some kind of music club would work because it's in a basement, underground area...if it's marketed in a way that implies that it's something spite of the economy.

    It's would be good for the underground wonder could help make this area a music area for big and littel shows.

  6. i think jazz club w/ capone theme could work since capone used underground tunnels in this building!

    also, microbrews are sooo popular (well deservingly). maybe this would be a good place for a pub.

  7. Or maybe an ultra-hip, "edgy" disco/dance club of the type described by "Stefan" in the Weekend Update portion of "Saturday Night Live?" Or the e-mail blasts from "Exact Events" that keep spamming their way into my inbox?

    Hey, those folks at the Broadway/Lawrence entertainment venues just love to "after-party," right?

  8. what local lassie is describing is something like the smart bar underneath the metro on clark.

    not a bad idea

  9. Why not take some TIF money and make it available to small businesses willing to locate in Uptown? Give business owners a percentage of their buildout cost, a rent subsidy, or equipment rebate? Small loans of $5,000 and $10,000 could be just what it takes for some owners.

    I'd rather see businesses on the ground floor, operating in daytime hours to give some life to the street. Use some TIF money to advertise Uptown's reasonable rent and hip spaces.

    I'd much rather see TIFs used to help small businesses rather than big housing projects or large scale retail or fish farms.
    In return we get jobs, sales tax revenue and