Monday, February 7, 2011

Seen Outside 7-Eleven On Wilson

A reader writes in:
"I saw that someone in the comments mentioned a public notice regarding liquor outside the 7-Eleven at Wilson & Clifton. From the notice, 7-Eleven is wanting a packaged goods license which is confusing because don't they already have this license? I thought I would send it in because anything liquor-related on Wilson could easily become volatile. Maybe it is nothing, but better safe than sorry?"


  1. I believe this is because 7-11 finally found someone to buy the franchise - and that person has to re-apply for the liquor license in his business name.

  2. Whatever the reason, they need to stick to beer and wine only. Clifton (aka Bloody Alley) is finally under control but I've been seeing Mr. Single Cigarette Salesman running a daily social club outside the Wilson Men's Hotel selling individual Newport smokes and I really don't think that bunch of misfits needs easier access to liquor.

    The daily supply of empty Icehouse cans on the block are bad enough.

  3. They also need to honor their promise to the community and get their dumpsters/urinals off the sidewalk.

  4. All liquor vendors should be responsible for all alcoholic related bottles, cans and packaging dumped within a 2 blocks radius from their stores.

    Maybe some of their loyal Icehouse consumers can be hired to do the clean-up.