Sunday, February 6, 2011

Best Snow Piles Award Goes To...

What to do with all that snow?  We think that's a question we'll be hearing a lot about in the coming weeks.

A reader sent in the photo above and says:  "This shows how very deep the snow is at the lakefront, just east of Lake Shore Drive.  The photo was taken at 4600 N Simmons Drive in Lincoln Park, looking south at a section of Simmonds Drive that remains untouched by snowplows."

All four corners of Hazel and Sunnyside are piled high (nearly obscuring the street signs), but the sidewalks are clear!


  1. One of the really problematic sidewalks is in the middle of the street where Montrose, Sheridan and Broadway all cross. Because it's not in front of someone's home or business it hasn't been touched. But if you're coming from the east and need to catch the Broadway bus south, in front of the bank, you need that sidewalk to get to the bus stop. The alternative is walking in the slushy street. NOT a great alternative.

  2. Another continually problematic sidewalk is the 1/2 block stretch just south of Lawrence on Winthrop. The owner of the parking lot behind the Chase Bank has ALL of the snow plowed from his lot directly onto the sidewalk. This has been a minor problem every time it snows, but with the excess we've had, the sidewalk is currently completely impassable, and will likely be until the monstrous pile melts in April!

    Please call 311 on this if you're able. Anyone with any kind of mobility disability (ie: not being able to climb over seven-foot mounds of snow) will have to find other ways to access Lawrence, and the Red Line. Thanks!

  3. Per the City, you can call 311 and file a Sidewalk Snow Removal Request. Please leave your name.