Friday, February 4, 2011

"Neither Snow Nor Rain...

.. nor gloom of night stays these couriers from firing their appointed rounds" -- that seems to be the Uptown version of that famous saying.

Icy temperatures and mounds of freshly shoveled snow didn't stop a series of gunshots from ringing out shortly after 8pm tonight. A reader tells us someone was shot near Friendly Towers, and Wilson Avenue has been closed.

If you know anything more than the bare-bones information we have here, please add it to the comments.

Update:  Chicago News Report says the shooting happened near the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse, and the shooters were men who had just exited the fieldhouse.  Read about it here.


  1. Ehhhhh. So its political theater time in Uptown. Some hotshot candidate will talk about how violence is the key issue and it will be addressed. The police will ramp up presence for the week, and then disappear. And Alderman Shiller will deny that she built all of this with her 20 years of superior urban planning.

    Meanwhile the people that live here, have a vested interest here, have to fear for their lives. Only in Chicago, and definitely only in Uptown.

    Vote early and vote often folks....

  2. any updates from this shooting?