Friday, February 4, 2011

Blocked Block

We're hoping the snowplows have rescued this poor block. A resident writes: "While an army of snowplows, loader tractors, and semi’s cleared snow from Broadway and Clarendon, i.e. the streets that abut each end of 700-800 West Cuyler, not a single swipe was made down this short stretch. To make matters worse, snowplows left 3-4 foot snow walls at each end of the block." All part of the recovery process, and Streets & San is to be commended for their hard work on an overwhelming task, but it's gotta be frustrating for those who live there.


  1. Might help to email a pic of this to Streets and San or maybe to Don.

  2. I've learned not to expect much from the current 46th Ward office.....I actually had a great 'bonding' moment with neighbors north of me on Malden.
    We managed to open up the alley for traffic.

  3. Just so you know, the rest of the city isn't faring much better (well, maybe downtown). Fox Chicago news featured the 6th Ward and our troubles with getting streets cleared.

    Ald. Scott Waguesspauck (sp) noted that we SHOULD be able to map out which streets are cleaned, and could post it on the internet.

    That could help pinpoint problems, and see if and where there ar einequities in the system

  4. I believe the Magnolia/Malden alley was cleaned out by a combination of residents and building supers...I helped dig one person out and I notice that people are now using it again.

    What's really gonna suck is when all the snow melts and all the garbage is visible...I'm already noticing a new layer of beer cans on top of the new snow.