Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gunshots Reported On Wilson & Other Locations

We just got this in email:

"Timothy from the Avondale and Logan Square Crime Blotter here. I wanted to let you guys know that there were a few calls for gunshots going off in your community, about 15 minutes ago, when I was listening to Zone 2 for a few minutes. The first two calls came in at 1325 West Wilson at about 7:05pm for six gunshots with someone screaming. Then a third call came in about four minutes later at Leland and Beacon for one gunshot. Units #2311, #2312, #2313 and a Tactical unit responded to the calls and said they didn't see anything, although someone did wave down #2312 to tell them that there was gunshots at 4650 North Malden also.

I'm thinking some of your readers will probably have more information, but I wanted to relay this information to you from the police scanner."

Lots of cops responding... that's a good thing.  Reports of shots fired... not good at all, particularly with lines of people standing around the Riviera wating to get into the concert.


  1. It's weird I didn't hear anything as I live near that area (and was home at the time). Are there any more details on this? Hopefully no one was hurt...

  2. I was very close to this intersection and the time of the 911 calls and all I saw or heard was a police car respond with it's lights on but no siren. I heard did not see or here gunshots or anything else out of the ordinary.

  3. I live on Malden and something definitely happened at that address (I heard one loud bang). Then, the fire department showed up and were in the building for a short period. I'm not an expert on gun shots, so I can't speculate. I figured I would find out something more about it on here.