Monday, February 28, 2011

Community Meeting Regarding Edgewater Weekend Shootings

Although the crime occurred in Edgewater, not Uptown, some residents might be interested in going to the community meeting that Ald. Mary Ann Smith is holding Monday evening to talk about the Saturday's double homicide, officer-involved shooting and the wounding of a police officer. This is the email her office sent out on Sunday:

"Dear Neighbors,

As many of you have already heard from the media, we had a serious and unusual police/criminal incident in Edgewater yesterday. Within our neighborhood, there were incidents on the 5800 block of Winthrop stretching to Devon Avenue.

The police and our office will be available at 7:00 Monday evening at the Broadway Armory to discuss with concerned residents what occurred.

Thank You,
Mary Ann Smith, Alderman, 48th Ward"


  1. I really hope the reports of shots at 4650 are in error or unfounded. That corner (Leland and Malden) has been pretty quiet for a while now. It has been nice being able to walk the neighborhood in peace.

    If it does turn out there are some problem tenants in any of the buildings around there, I hope the new Alderman will work with the very active block club to make sure any problems are addressed.

    Hmmm - I wonder if the security cameras on several of the buildings on that corner saw anything... Guess they probably only get reviewed when someone actually gets shot :-(

  2. Also, within the last week there was a very loud single gun shot heard at the corner of Kenmore and Lawrence at about 5am. Sorry, but I can't remember exactly what day this was. We looked out our bedroom window and saw 2 black males calmly get in a red 4 door Ford Taurus and drive west bound on Lawrence.

    There have since been lights installed under the sidewalk scaffolding at the Lawrence House which is at the corner of Kenmore and Lawrence. I think these lights will help a lot. The new lights seem to have already chased away some of the drug dealers and loiterers.

  3. wow, one huge shoot out and crime scene and a mass email goes out with a community meeting attached to many shootings, riots and relatively large crime scenes have we had in Uptown? many emails from our alderman? how many community meetings? How the F*#k does that woman sleep at night? She has absolutely NO shame. It makes me sick.

  4. Stash, sorry to tell you this, but it's definitely not in error. I'm the one who reported it to Uptown Update, and that was an address I heard off the scanner multiple times regarding the whole gunshots incident.

  5. Here is the actual police radio archive of the event. It is boring until you get 10to 12 minutes into it. Then all he'll breaks loose. I suggest you listen to the whole thing.