Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night In Uptown

So who wants to see little naked golden men with swords?  Plenty of places to do it with friends in Uptown:
  • Crew's show begins at 6pm - sales on pitchers of Miller Lite, Mimosas and Beergaritas, and chance to win a $50 gift card by filling out your Oscar ballot
  • Fat Cat's party runs from 6pm to midnight.  Dress up as your favorite nominee or character for 20 percent off your bill. Features themed cocktails and Oscar trivia following the awards show.
  • The Spot says "Roll out the Red Carpet & Play Games, Win prizes, Drink a lot, & have a REALLY Great Time!"
A reminder that Uptown used to be The Hollywood of the Midwest and has a few Oscar ties itself.  Read these articles a wonderful reader submitted to us a couple years ago and win the trivia contest:


  1. "So who wants to see little naked golden men with swords"?


    are you describing the Academy Awards or a Closeted Republican Fundraiser?

    Since we're on a movie theme what movie name should the two campaigns go with.


    A Phistful of Dollars


    Run Harder!

  2. Just tweaking
    (not that I know anything about tweaking) IP's... Phelan's Phistful of Phunds.

  3. Brad,

    we could go with a candidateexerous horror theme also.

    These could work for either candidate.

    A Nightmare on Wilson Avenue

    The Exorcist(bye Helen)

    Abbott and Costello Meet (Insert candidate name here)

    42 Days Later(runoff)

    Legend of Hull House

    This title works best for Molly:

    Invasion of the Ward Snatchers

    For James we can go with:

    Interview with the Social Worker (Where It turns out James is a 400 Year Old Vampire Out to Open a Blood Bank In Uptown)

    Now no matter who wins we can go with


    insert dueling banjo theme here.

  4. How About:
    Bridge Over the River Lawrence
    Montrose Beach Memoirs
    Dog Park Afternoon
    Winthrop Heights