Monday, January 31, 2011

Court Advocates Needed Tuesday Morning

If you're free tomorrow morning, the 23rd District Court Advocates would really like you to join them at a case for a gang tagger who caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by spray painting the entire side of the building at Kenmore and Irving Park.

We can't say that the photo to the left is the same alleged doofus's work, but we do know that it happened in the same area and appeared the same night he was caught in the act by the police and arrested.  Same boring and destructive gang scribbling, too.

"The Court Advocates will be meeting at the Skokie Courthouse (5600 Old Orchard Road).  Please meet in front of Courtroom #107 between 9:15 and 9:30, or just go in and look for the court advocates if you arrive later than that.  You don't have to testify or do much of anything except sit in the spectator seats.  Your silent presence demonstrates community concern and the judge will be made aware that this crime has drawn special attention.  Depending on when the case is called, it could be a quick morning, but you'll definitely be out before noon.

There's free parking, and the courthouse is just off the Edens Expy.  If you go, you'll have to go through a metal detector.  Don't bring a camera (they're not allowed) or food or drink.  You'll have to turn off your phone in court.  Thank you for doing this!  With all the history of gang graffiti up and down Kenmore in the past couple years, we hope for a few neighbors to show up to help bolster the case."


  1. Some other clown tagged the north wall of Graceland Cemetery again, and you can still faintly see the past taggings as well.

    They never seem to look like the gang symbols I'm familiar with (can anyone identify which gang did this?)...they look more like scribbles, which infuriates me even more.

    Someone needs to catch them in the act, hold them down, and spray them in the eyes and inside their mouth...maybe then they won't do it again and will serve as a warning to others.

  2. Will -- as per the original post, the guy is a Latin Eagle.

    Instead of entertaining vigilante revenge fantasies about what you'd LIKE to do, what you CAN do is show up in court for the guy's felony case. That's a nice, legal and binding form of revenge.

  3. I would like to see the block club organize a group of community representatives to advocate.

    I am sure SOMEONE that claims to care about their block over there has a few hours to head over to advocacy.

    I know a lot of us in Uptown work hard for our livings during the day when these court hearings are going on, which is why we are willing to give our time in the evenings and weekends.

    Getting this mess cleaned up is going to take a multi-pronged approach. I think the people frustrated by the tagging over on Irving Park should consider advocacy since the cops actually caught someone!

    The bigger question do we communicate to the other would be taggers that terrorize us and damage our property to move along, because we have zero tolerance and if you DO get caught, we have no sympathy for you in this community.

    I would ask the judge to chop off their hands...

  4. I regret my earlier just makes me so angry to see this and know that it's not tolerated in other neighborhoods.

    I would actually consider going, but it looks like I'm about to make my first buck as a paralegal (just finished school) Tuesday. It's only part time, but I hope it leads to more work.

  5. Stash---there is a group of community residents that advocate for the community on these issues. It is called the 23rd District Court Advocacy committee. Their meetings are posted on here frequently.