Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pegasus Players Leave Truman College, Remain In Uptown

Read about their future and their new space here, in the Tribune.


  1. I'm CRUSHED! Pegasus at Truman was a local treasure; professional quality theatre in one of the best off-Loop venues around. I had many happy hours here as volunteer worker as well as patron. Best of luck in their new venue, although transferring from the O'Rourke Center to a "basement" location on a Sheridan Park side street does not sound like a "step up."

  2. I agree LocalLassie...its not good news but it could be worse, at least they have a chance to reorganize and bust out of the basement one day.

    A big silver lining would be if another theater company moves into the O'Rourke Ctr. Its a nice space and by next spring the with all the improvements outside and the landscaping planted...maybe ...just maybe.