Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Census Data For Uptown

The census data is starting to trickle out (we stand corrected -- it's census surveys from 2005-2009, not The Big One), and the Uptown Libertarian blog takes a look at some interactive maps and analyzes the data on race, education, density and income levels in Uptown. What surprised us is how much Uptown differs census tract to census tract. We were also fairly amused by population dots showing up in the cemeteries! (No, they aren't voters, they're representative of the people who live in that census tract, along with the, um, dead folks.) Check it out here.


  1. Dat's not coming from 2010 Census data.

    It's based on Census surveys from 2005-2009.

    Those surveys are often very wrong.

    The most striking thing to me is how much the hispanic population has declined in Uptown. In 1990 it was forty percent of the population. In 2000 it was twenty percent. My guesstimate is that it will be slightly less then ten percent when the full census data comes out next week.

  2. And once you determine what census track you are located in from the interactive map, check out this site to obtain more specific demographic information in those areas:


  3. @ IrishPirate

    "Gentrification" do you suppose? I wonder what would happen if you controlled for apartment rents?