Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ballot Babbles

  • Do you know what ward you live in?  Are you suuuuuure?  Because we're hearing from a lot of people who think they live in one ward, but actually live in another.  Check it out here.  You may be surprised.
  • The deadline to register to vote in the Mayoral and Aldermanic (emphasis on "manic") elections is just five weeks away:  January 25, 2011

    You know who was the real winner in the last election?  Apathy.  If you think commenting on a blog is going to change things, you are mistaken.  What will?  Getting to the polls and voting for the person you want to guide your ward and your city for the next four years.  Want to make a real change?  Register to vote.  And then go do it.  Because sitting at your keyboard, bringing on the snark, is a lot of fun (trust us, we know about such things), but if you don't vote ... it doesn't mean a thing.  Click this link; you can even do it from home.


  1. Dumb question here. Once you've registered to vote, how long is that good for? When is the next time you have to register? Do you have to re-register for each election, or does registering once last until you move?

  2. what you should do Ray is check your voter registration and if you are still good it will tell you are. Sometimes if they think you've moved and you could vote illegally they mark you as invalid and you need to call them to get it cleared up. better check now and it will take you 5 minutes to clear up.

  3. Voting registration is updated when they do the "canvassing" to verify. The most recent one was this summer, as I recall.

  4. http://www.Repsheet.com has a widget from the bloggers over at Windy Citizen that looks up the ward for any address in the city.

    Also never nags you to try and remember things like if Broadway or Wilson are streets, avenues, boulevards, or other like the city's link in that article does.

    If you want to be more official (and find your polling place) you can do both on this Chicago Board of Elections web page: