Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not the Wreath!

Live from the 4600 block of Clifton Avenue. "This video was made with the help of 5 children who asked their mom and dad, 'Why did the bad man steal our Christmas wreath?'"


  1. I haven't seen one of these Clifton vides in awhile, has it been pretty uninteresting until now?

  2. lol Is he going to try to pawn that or something?

    That man is pretty horrible. People like him are why others can't have nice things.

  3. These things really tick me off around here. People have no regard for others or their property. I guess next time, padlock the darn things to the building, but knowing Uptown, they'll still find a way to steal them!

  4. Just when I think I've seen the worst of Uptown... wonderful new surprises like this emerge.

  5. that's awful! but awesome video... i hate that man though.

  6. A hideous display of 'Uptown behavior' for sure.
    (was this poor soul neglected by our countless Social Services?)

    I guess I'm just glad the Fool didn't pull out a hand gun, and shoot the wreath.

  7. To bad straight pins were not sticking out of the wreath when he grabbed it.What a jerk.

  8. Whilst this may be the act of a low-down scoundrel and a Grinch its nothing unique to Uptown.

    It could be called self-loathing (no pun intended to FearLS) keep snarking away at our neighborhood. Bad P.R. is bad for business....and it shows.

    Nor is this unique to Edgewater for that matter, As evidence I present to y'all this link from the Edgewater Buzz, our fine neighbors to the north. Could this be the same Grinchy? Different color jacket.


    Happy Holidays and Be Good!


  9. Sigh....I wonder if that guy (and his accomplice across the street) new what he was stealing that night. Like, was he sitting at home going, "A wreath would really bring my holiday theme together...Better go get one!"

    All kidding aside, I'd much rather see this type vid than one capturing violence.

    Happy Holidays fellow Uptown citizens!