Monday, December 20, 2010

Watching And Waiting...

Our favorite spectator sport... politics!  Here's what's going on with the objections process for the nominating petitions of the aldermanic candidates, to determine who we'll see on our ballots in February.

46th Ward: 
  • All eight objections have been heard, except for the two filed against Janice V. Thomas, who defaulted (which we guess means didn't defend herself at her hearings).
  • The other six are in waiting for the recommendations of Hearing Officer William J. Cadigan, a health care/corporate sole practitioner who's a former Assistant State's Attorney and former Congressional aide.
47th Ward:
  • One more to be heard, on Wednesday, John Tuttle's objections to Tom Jacks's petitions.
  • Alice Coffey, who filed objections against Tom O'Donnell and Tom Jacks, withdrew her objections.
  • The Board of Elections overruled Tom Jacks's objection to Tom O'Donnell, so O'Donnell's definitely on the ballot.
  • Tuttle's objections to Matt Reichel's nominating petitions are waiting for a recommendation by Hearing Officer Mario Correa, who's hearing all the cases in the 47th Ward.  He's a corporate sole practitioner and former president of the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce.
If you're as geeked out as we are about this whole process, you can watch the play-by-play here.  Excel charts and yummy legal documents, whee!

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  1. I'm glad that you guys are so into this because it helps us all stay informed! No idea how I would know all of this if it weren't for UU!