Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking

So, if you want to talk about the election results, here's a place for it.  Let's skip the personal attacks and play nice.  Hint:  If you feel the need to type "You People," it's probably best to walk away from the keyboard.


  1. Berrios is frustrating. Guess i'm more upset about Kirk. My father, grandfather and uncle were/are in the navy. He admittedly lied about his service to this country. It's perplexing that anyone in the military would vote for him. I think I'd like to risk jail to pie both berrios and kirk.

  2. Berrios is upsetting. Straight ticket voting got him the "W". Bummer.

    Larry, I like your thinking.

  3. In defense of Kirk, at least he has served.

    Disappointed that Quinn may win.

  4. They voted for Kirk because there was no alternative. Hopefully he has learned something from all of this and will be a better person because of it. If he doesn't however I for one will be sitting the next election out no matter how much of a slimeball candidate the Dem's run with.

  5. I agree with you on Berrios however. The corrupt Democratic Machine of Crook County lives to steal another day. Will the voters here EVER learn?

  6. On a positive note (I hope)...

    The 46th Ward had a 57% voter turn out compared to a city wide %51%.

  7. YOU PEOPLE apparently turned out according to Bradley.

    The true winner in this election?

    Not the people of Illinois. All four major candidates for Governor and Senator sucked.

    Nope, the winner is Barack Obama.

    Three Presidents since 1948 have lost a chamber in Congress during their first term. Truman, Ike, Tricky Billy C. All three won reelection.

    Now President Obama can run against Boehner and the Congressional GOP. Considering most of them come off as drunken Hillbillys at a tent revival that should be a winning strategy.

    Another winner, and I hate to say this, is Mike Madigan. Someone really needs to get a stake and some holy water for that guy.


    The attack ads from both parties were atrocious.

    Nice assesment Pirate that the GOP leaders looked like drunk Hillbillies. I suppose having to hurdle drunk liberal voters on the way to the train stop has boosted your lush rAAdar.

    I am happy that Roland Burris is no longer pulling a lever or pushing a button representing me but alarmed that there are no longer any African Americans represented in the Senate.

    Now we can look ahead to February, and some real positive change in our neighborhood.

  9. This election shows the power of third parties and of voting across party lines. The 150,000 or so Illinois voters who voted for the Green and Libertarian parties had more of an impact on this election than the hundreds of thousands of sheep who voted down the line according to party.

  10. And what's with all this drunk bashing? You teetotaling moral supremacists.

  11. I was thinking about this yesterday... if Brady was to win (which he isn't...) and cut all the mental health service spendings, would Uptown be better or worse? I have to think worse! People would still be up here, just not treated!

  12. Chipster,

    don't play with me today.

    I'll send Christine O'Donnell after you. She can ride her broom over. She apparently has some free time on her hands to cast spells.

    As for drunken hillbillies I probably owe drunken hillbillies an apology. Comparing them to the Congressional GOP is wrong.

    I am thrilled with the knowledge that we now have a fluorescent orange, drunken, overly emotional Speaker of the House.

    Knowing that he is second in line to the Presidency gives me great comfort.

  13. @meg

    Interesting thought. Some questions:

    What mental health services exist in Uptown, what are their extent and quality, and what state funding do they receive? Are they effective? What are the long-term strategies being employed by mental health agencies, and how do they track their success or failure? What public policies might be pursued to help improve these services, or mitigate negative social behavior on the part of those being treated?

  14. @Magical - sure he 'served' - kindof like the way Helen is 'serving' us right now (aligning with your way of thinking)...

    I'm glad that he's got folks to spoon feed lies to. I ain't buying it.

  15. IP,

    that'd be 3rd in line of succession, actually.

    Biden is 2nd.

    Also - not defending the tea party, at all, nor the GOP; but, it is worth noting that the nation's first Latina governor, in New Mexico is GOP.

    As is the nation's first female Gov of Indian-decent, in SC.

    And, Rubio, a cuban-american knocked off an equally orange GOP cum IND Caucasian in Florida.

    That, and a few african-american GOP'ers were elected into the House.

    Though, I do agree that O'Donnell can use her broom to start sweeping up some of the crazy she left behind.

  16. Yo,

    I hate to get all "semantical" to you, but I said succession.

    President Obama is already Prez.

    Then VP Biden. First in line.

    Then Speaker Presumptive Orangello.
    Second in line.

    I should be third in line, but constitutional scholars aren't buying my claim to being pirate presumptive emperor of the universe line.

  17. Ha! Well put, and I stand humbly humbled, and hereby resign my will over to you, my new universally masterful master.

  18. Larry,

    You are not buying that he served in the military?

  19. I just looked at the overall vote totals for the 46th Ward between the 2006 general election and this one.

    Up around 2000 votes. From approximately 14,000 to 16,000.

    Obviously more interest out there in this off year election.

    We're probably looking at massive turnout in February if Rahmbo gets a serious opponent.

    Shiller made the right move in retiring. Massive votes do not tend to favor entrenched incumbents.