Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Sad Face For St. Boniface

The wall surrounding St. Boniface Cemetery has sure seen better days. Large sections of the wall have crumbled (on the Lawrence side from Clark to Magnolia) leaving exposed re bar. Hopefully this will be repaired soon.


  1. LOL, repaired soon.

    I have always dreamed they would streetscape the north side of Lawrence just like they did on the east side of Clark along the cemetery wall. A boy can dream can't he?

  2. This Cemetery falls under the direction of Catholic Cemeteries, Archdiocese of Chicago and here is a little history of it.
    Saint Boniface Catholic Cemetery was the first of the German cemeteries and contains the burials of the builders of the German Catholic community. The cemetery underwent extensive renovation in the 1960's, with the old archway entrance on Clark Street removed to permit better vehicle passage. A new office, chapel and service building were constructed on property acquired to the north. Saint Boniface is presently out of grave space and revenue.
    Being that there is no grave space available and no new revenue I think the walls will just be left to crumble down.

  3. Well, there HAS been a LOT of street work being done by city crews from just east of Clark to just west of Paulina over the last several weeks, so it's not surprising that there's
    "collateral damage."
    Yes, I do think they'll repair it soon.

    BTW speaking of cemeteries: was there much grave-tipping, etc. at St. B's over Halloween weekend?

  4. Maybe they will relocate the bodies like they City did when Lincoln Park Zoo was built?
    Prime low-income hosing space!!

  5. Earlier this summer, I saw a couple of guys working on the wall. Apparently they never finished.

  6. This seems like a perfect time for Andy to show his brand of self-sufficiency.

    Sorry. I couldn't resist.

  7. Wiseguy,

    you think wrong.

    The Archdiocese will take care of the wall. It may take awhile, but they will do it.

    They have a great deal of revenue coming in from their other cemeteries.

    If you want something close to perpetual care in a cemetery an Archdiocesan cemetery is one way to go.

    Personally, like George Carlin I just want my body taken up in a helicopter and randomly dropped somewhere.

  8. I am sure that it won't hurt the cemetery, people are dying to get in there.

  9. Is that a blood soaked towel laying on the curb? Wouldn't be surprised.

  10. Late this summer, workers spent several days removing the lose concrete from this wall, hence the way it looks today.

    I would assume they did this in preparation for some repairs to come.

    In the mean time, hopefully we can keep the vandalism off. If you see it, call 311.

    Whether it is the city or the cemetery, they are usually pretty good about getting it cleaned up pretty quick.

  11. Earlier in the summer they removed the loose material and stopped. However, they have just started setting new ties with All-Thread and epoxy to account for the rusted out re-bar.
    I took a picture a few days ago, will send it on.
    The wall is pretty solid and not tippy, they are just fixing it at graveyard speed thats all.

  12. Fortunately the north, or cemetery side of the wall is in much better shape.
    It is likely the road salt spray taking a toll.
    No new news on this wall since the last comment, it was the beginning of a long winter.

  13. They are starting to work on the wall again!

    The work is being done on the west end of the wall along Lawrence close to Clark.