Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Join The Cupcake Gallery On Its Birthday


  1. I paid a visit to The Cupcake Gallery in September. I had to get treats for a backyard BBQ and there were many children. I specifically went here to patronize neighborhood stores. I hate to report that I paid $45.00 for cupcakes and half of them were bad. We believe some sort of chemical cleaner made its way onto the cupcakes as the ones that seemed tainted were all from the same area on the counter. Eleven people tasted the cupcakes and all assumed it was some sort of chemical cleaner. It may have been a one time mishap, but I won't be going back. I should have complained the next day, but I was going out of town and had no time.

  2. I hope people can find it... the temporary sign they've had for the past year seems to have disappeared, leaving only a sign for a Rib/Chicken joint! Cupcake Gallery, please make your presence permanent and put up a legit sign!! Fontana did it, so can you! It will make that strip of storefronts look so much nicer!

  3. Darius confirmed with us that he is in the process of getting a new awning installed on the front of the Cupcake Gallery.

  4. I wish the Cupcake Gallery well...but the taste and quality of their cupcakes seem to have gone downhill in the last few months. It seems like when they introduced their new flavors, more emphasis got put on quantity (of flavors) over quality. Not only that, the prices have also gone up. I have read they wanted to get their prices in line with other cupcake places, but really, if you go to these "other" places, their cupcakes are a lot bigger in comparison to Cupcake Gallery's...and sometimes even cheaper.

    I still do have one Groupon left for Cupcake Gallery...but I plan on waiting a while before I use it in hopes things will turn around.

  5. I agree with everyone's comments. I hope the gallery knows how much us neighbors want it to succeed. However, you can't just move into a place and assume they'll throw their support behind you when you aren't striving to be the best. Other cupcake places take great pride in their appearance as much as their food. I feel like they aren't reinvesting their capital back into their store. I think they are successfully selling cupcakes, so I'm quite puzzled as to why the actual shop is still bare bones. That excuse was ok for the first few months, but it has been a year! I'm not sure what's going on here, but CG, don't take neighborhood support for granted. You must meet us halfway.

  6. First off, the economy has been for crap, unless anyone hasn't taken note of that.

    Secondly, I'm pretty sure the CG truck that showed up at every Uptown Farmer's Market at Weis this summer wasn't cheap - especially in the aforementioned down economy.

    Thirdly, he's done what many folks around here have been begging someone to do: fill up a vacant store front.

    Beyond that - I see that he's got another person working for him.

    Granted, the store could use some fixing up, but the same could certainly be said for any number of establishments in Uptown that have been here considerably longer than a year.

    And - there's free wifi!

    Darius deserves a heap credit for taking a chance in opening a store in our neighborhood, as well as working to extend his reach (and by extension, the image of Uptown) via going mobile. Not to mention, he's provided someone with a job.

    As much of an Eeyore as I may be, I simply cannot find one bit of true criticism to pony up in this case.

    I can't speak to any chemical cleaner getting into the mix; but, I've been there on several occasions, and have yet to be anything but very pleased with every experience.

    I'd chalk that up to a one off, and if Darius reads this post, maybe he'd be willing to shed some light on that episode.

    As to price ... meh. I picked up a dozen cupcakes for roughly $36 (w/a free monster brownie thrown in, gratis), recently. That's the same price I paid last fall. And the quality was as I expected: fantastic. Even the new flavors were impressive (the Elvis Presley, by the way, is nothing short of awesome).

    $3/per doesn't seem terribly steep - and if the market doesn't like it, he'll need to adjust. But, I'm not going to fault a guy for trying to increase revenues - especially if he's demonstrating himself to be a committed and productive member of the neighborhood.

    I will certainly be returning for any/all future cupcake needs.

    Good on ya, Darius - and thank you for coming to Uptown.

  7. Yo- point well taken. I think overall, the CG is doing well, and I wish them all the best. I have no gripes at all with the cupcakes- I think they are super yummy. Maybe I'm being a little hard on them, but I just want them to be the best they can in our neighborhood. Happy Bday CG!!

  8. My husband and I were great supporters of the Cupcake Gallery and went out of our way to promote the business, that is until we were ditched and left without a cupcake baker TWO weeks before our wedding.
    We got a "oh sorry about that" and an offer for 6 free specialty cupcakes.

    I'm glad you've had such a great experience YO, but clearly others have not. I am all for supporting local businesses, so I'll stop by and pick up a nice dessert at Fontana instead of stepping foot in CG again.

  9. until we were ditched and left without a cupcake baker TWO weeks before our wedding.

    Yeah ... that doesn't sound terribly awesome, at all.

  10. I spent $35 here once and was less than impressed with what I got. My cupcakes were not cooked all the way, and I also had the same chemical after taste. Too bad because it's an awesome idea for a cool local spot.

  11. Yes, I've noticed that there is an "underdone" aspect to CG's product that detracts from the good flavors, etc. I think this has become something of a fad among "upscale" bakers lately. They seem to be so scared of "overbaking" and leaving too much "crust" on the bottom of the cake, that they go in the opposite direction and "underbake" which leaves the finished product a little too moist and of questionable quality.

    Please try to correct this, CG, as I really do want you to succeed!

    Maybe learn from your mistake with the bride on this post, and push wedding pastries as a sideline? This nabe has a real dearth of wedding-related businesses; there's got to be some brides-to-be around here who'd like an alternative to the Swedish Bakery or Lutz!