Thursday, November 11, 2010

Uptown Santa Is Back Again

He’s baaaaaaaack
Uptown’s Secret Santa has confirmed that year 2 is a go – but, there’s a shift and Santa needs some help from the good people of Uptown.

Like last year, $50 Jewel cards will be going out between Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas. The week of Christmas, $100 Target cards will be popping up.

Again, like last year – recipients will be picked, randomly, from those demonstrating the spirit of the holidays.

What’s different is that Santa’s picked up a few dedicated elves and the decision at the Workshop is that gift cards aren’t enough to help some of our more needy neighbors.

So, gift packages will be delivered throughout the season.

This is where Santa needs some help: what to put in these packages?

The current inventory is as such:

Christmas cookies
Phone card
Convenient/non-perishable food

Can the good people of Uptown help out an elf by providing some ideas as to what else might be good to put into these packages?

Also – after hard arguments with his eleven staff members, Santa will be tweeting updates throughout the season via @UptownSanta.


  1. Other ideas might be:

    toiletries and grooming items

    books and magazines

    basic school supplies like paper and pens

  2. How about disposable handwarmers?

    candy such as peppermints that help out a dry throat during winter?

  3. I volunteer for Back on My Feet Chicago and my team runs from REST at 941 W. Lawrence. I know that some of our teammates could use CTA cards to get to job interviews, vocational training and meetings with various social service agencies. We run every M,W,F at 5:45 am and Saturdays at 8:30. Our 11 guys would love a visit from Santa!!

  4. I've seen people running from REST in the AM and I LOVE having people out and about at that time :)

    I really do think the CTA Cards are a great idea too.

  5. I run another non-profit in the area and have things that might help that don't help full size toiletries and other non perishable items... how could I connect with Uptown Santa? What a wonderful way to spread the holiday cheer in such a troubled community!