Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shiller: Make More Housing Programs Eligible For TIFs

Read all about it at Crain's


  1. I just ran around the block naked and screaming as I read that and went insane.

    Please don't call the police, I am now.

    "To make sure that $100 million actually is spent each year, the ordinance would authorize anyone to sue the city — and to receive treble damages if the city fell short. So if, for instance, the city came up $20 million short in a given year, it could be fined $60 million, plus court costs and attorney fees."


  2. Call the police? Yeah. Good luck with getting anyone to respond to you.

    Portions of this city are tearing themselves apart because we've failed at providing for public safety and public education, and Shiller is still more concerned with public housing?

    Of course, we need to help those who cannot help themselves, but we sure as hell can't do that if we can't provide for a safe community or an even remotely adequate public school system.

    First things first.

    The fact that Shiller is entertaining any sort of ordinance that ignores correcting her's and Council's abject failure to perform the very basic aspects of their roles is a massive testament to the fact that none of these chair moisteners are fit for their roles in public service.

    TIFs have bled this city dry. If we don't return TIF money to the police and schools, we're going to end up needing more and more public housing.

    I'm not sure how someone, even the most ideologically tilting nitwit like Shiller, can possibly stare down the heaping mountain of evidence pointing to the city-wide damage caused by TIFs and still want to consider how else to spend the money.

    Mind your footing folks - we've crossed the threshold from the painfully moronic into the dangerously absurd.

  3. Great comment Yo.
    And a couple of great comments on the Crain's site too.


  4. Well let's make sure they take the TIF money for housing and put in areas that do not have their fair share of public/subsidized housing. Definately do not put more subsidized housing in Uptown/Edgewater/Rogers Park. I'm thinking Bridgeport, Lakeview, Sauganash. You get my drift.

  5. funny how creative hack pols can get about how to spend property tax dollars half of which were stolen from our schools

    I saved this Trib article -

    1 in 4 elementary schools

    51 high schools

    - no library

  6. Any good elected official would never put on ordinance in effect that would so easily allow the City to be sued. That is just crazy. What are these people smoking is what I would like to know?

  7. I agree with what people have said. Does anyone, other than Hellen, really think this is going to get done? Seems to me this is a pre-election attempt to show how much the city council cares about "affordable housing." How about putting together something that says anyone can sue the city council when it does not provide enough money to keep the police force at its budgeted number of officers.

  8. How Shiller has continued to be elected is really beyond me because it seems she has always had less than cerebral thoughts on government spending. Boy oh boy, does the stupidity flow freely though, once she doesn't have to face the voters any longer.

    Lame duck officials should just paddle away downstream and keep their quack shut!

  9. This city needs better politicians who could fight for the rights of hardworking, responsible citizens. In the meantime, let's all just bend over....

  10. Living here over the past three years has actually made me more conservative. I grew up in a decent, though not wealthy, suburb and was completely liberal and Democrat until I moved to Uptown. I'm still not completely "red" or "blue," but it's enough so that I end up getting into political and social arguments with my ultra-liberal brother (who lives in southwest Michigan).

  11. Well if more than 35-40% of the "hardworking, responsible citizens" would take 15 min and vote during each election, we might have more pols who were focused on issues important to those citizens. As it stands, pols focus on what is important to them because unfortunately they feel like there is little consequences for it. They are right to much of the time. Example Helen Shiller, and much of City Council, over the past 20 years.

  12. Will - I agree. I find myself in the same predicament.

  13. the act of voting is half the battle.

    Becoming aware and educated about the issues and candidates in order to vote in an intelligent manner is the other 75%.

  14. I agree with Yo. Look what happens when people vote blindly or just along party lines:


  15. Will - DITTO! (and really glad to see that I'm not the only one who has had this change occur since moving here!)

  16. Ha, me too, to an extent. But then I turn on Glenn Beck and realize where I belong :)