Friday, November 12, 2010

Drive-By Shooting Near Sheridan/Argyle

Readers report hearing shots fired near Argyle and Sheridan at 1:25am, and someone with a police scanner is telling us there was a person hit.  Also reports of gunshots at Wilson and Broadway, which may or may not be the same incident.  We'll update as more information comes in.

Update:  We're hearing more about the Argyle shooting.  Witnesses are coming forward.  The vehicle was a green minivan, which then pulled over at 939 Argyle.  Witnesses saw everyone inside the minivan jump out and abandon it.  Numerous witnesses are positively identifying the driver as a white female who told the police she was carjacked and is in custody.  The passengers were three black males and we don't know if any or all of them were caught.  The victim was taken to Weiss Hospital.

This is all off the scanner, folks, and things change once all the facts come in, so stay tuned.

Update 2Edgewater Community Buzz has a post on this as well.


  1. i was on my back porch (around broadway and foster) having a smoke about that time, heard what sounded like four quick shots. i didn't call 911 because i wasn't sure just where the shots came from, besides south of me. a few minutes later heard many sirens. i went inside at that point.

    (BTW, Does Uptown Update ever sleep? :)

  2. We'd like to, but someone keeps shooting off guns and waking us up.

  3. The 4 shots mentioned near Wilson/Broadway sounded a heck of a lot closer to Wilson and Sheridan, to me.

    Dunno if the two were connected, but lots of tire squealing and engine revving could be heard afterward.

    Didn't hear the first sirens for about 10 minutes - which is frightening since normally (egads! there's a "normal" condition with regards to gun fire in Uptown, now) sirens would spark up in less than 5.

    Something tells me it's going to get a lot worse around here before (if?) it ever gets any better.

  4. I knew I heard something last night about that time, and I'm down at Broadway and Montrose on an eighth floor. Sounded like 4 shots a good distance away; I looked out the window expecting to hear cops quickly, and a little bit later heard fire/ambulance sirens although I don't know if those were related at all.

  5. The description of this crew in the car sounds a lot like the Kenmore/Argyle crew that sits behind the diagonal parking, often drinking, dealing, etc. Wouldn't surprise me if it was the same people, I'll let you know this afternoon when I walk home if they aren't there!

  6. thanks Who?What?

    People, we're in this together. Stay strong. Call 911. It's our hood.

  7. I live at Argyle and Sheridan and the commotion was right outside my front window. It annoyed me because I was trying to sleep. I mean don't these people have any respect for their neighbors? Some of us have to work in the morning.

  8. "Numerous witnesses are positively identifying the driver as a white female who told the police she was carjacked and is in custody."

    Oh boy, now they're carjacking people.... Hope that lady's doing fine.

  9. Who says we need more police? We should all concentrate on building more and more affordable housing.

    Why in the heck would we want to have safe streets first?


  10. I live very close. The shots woke me up and all attempts to go back to sleep after that were unsuccessful.

    A police officer told me that one "gangbanger" got shot in the foot.

    So, thanks to those guys for keeping me awake all night last night between the shots and the sirens, the police backing up with their beepy cars.

  11. I'm at Argyle and Marine and I definitely heard the four shots last night too. I don't have a great view of Sheridan/Argyle from my place, but I did see flashing blue lights before hearing the sirens. Probably within 2-3 minutes, the sirens coming a few minutes after that.

  12. >> JQL

    She told the police that she was carjacked to explain how she didn't have anything to do with her own car being abandoned in the middle of the street. But witnesses identified her as the driver that jumped out and ran along with the other suspects, so her story didn't add up and now she's in custody for being involved in the shooting.

  13. The lady drivin was part of the guys, she brought them from the west side to shoot at those guys. She just got stabbed they r trying to kill her she needs to get to the police and get help cause both sides r lookin for her if u know her tell her someone loves her and wants to help but she needs to contact the police and tell the story,