Friday, November 5, 2010

"The New Admiral" To Break Ground November 30

The Carmen Winona Block Club tells us that "The New Admiral," a 31 story senior retirement community at Foster & Marine, will be breaking ground on November 30.


  1. I just discovered this blog through cribchatter. What an amazing blog. I am a new resident in uptown and really love it.

    As I browsed through the older posts, I can not help but notice the old grandeur of the Uptown theater. That place has been closed for a long time, but is there any current project / plan to help restore it to its beauties?

    I am sorry to be posting something unrelated to the New Admiral (which I am also excited about! That empty lot is an eyesore), but just thought I'd throw the question out there.


  2. Anita - Welcome!

    The Uptown is an amazing wonder...

    Hopefully the Admiral will bring with it a little class and dignity as well.

  3. Outstanding name! Now the north side has a new admiral and an old admiral. Sorry IP, i just couldn't help myself.

  4. In addition to the legendary porno movie, "Rear Admiral".