Friday, November 5, 2010

Late Night Uptown

So it's the wee hours and you can't sleep.  Who you gonna call?  We thought of a few places for the insomniacs among us.  Please add your favorites to the comments.
  • 7-Eleven (Broadway/Buena, Wilson/Clifton, Montrose/Clark)
  • El Ranchito (4651 N Clark)
  • Winston's Internet Cafe (5001 N Clark)
  • JJ Pepper (Lawrence/Sheridan)
  • One Stop Grocery (Wilson/Sheridan)
  • McDonald's Drive-Thru (Foster/Sheridan, Wilson/Sheridan)
  • And your choices?


  1. Hmmm...out of these choices,the only one(in Uptown,that is) has been the McDonald's drive through on Wilson/Sheridan. Any other late night excursions have been OUT of Uptown. Forgive me for doing a plug, but I'd recommend Wrigleyville Dogs,which is located on Clark about two blocks north of Wrigley Field (you don't have to be a Cubs' fan).Outside the establishment,no one hanging out,no gang members walking around,no panhandlers...

  2. Uptown Lounge - open til 4!

    Love that this post was written at 3:15am

  3. Don't forget the numerous shooting ranges popping up all around Uptown. They seem to be open for business between the hours of 4pm-6am. Word on the street is they offer a special discount to teens.

  4. Laurie's Pizza delivers until 3:00 am:

  5. AJs Grill on Broadway. Greasy goodness. They are open til 4 or 5am and usually deliver!

  6. Thanks for this post. My husband and I used to always grocery shop around 2am when we lived in lakeview. We were so bummed when we found out the walgreens and jewel in uptown were done by 11pm. I'm glad to know there are more late night options then we thought!

  7. If I'm up late, I'm probably going to be calling the police reporting gunshots.

  8. Besides the list of good late night junk food spots and the numerous shooting ranges, how about calling on the hookers that are out for business late nights up and down Sheridan road waving at cars passing by.

  9. I see "legit" 24-hour businesses as a good "buffer" against the bad guys, if the "good" people are patronizing these spots and the cops are on alert.

    Few things are "scarier" to me than deserted commercial districts after dark. We no longer live in a "9 to 5" culture. We live in a "24/7" culture nowadays and it's time that business communities take note of this fact and adjust their own habits accordingly.

    New York City has been like this for decades now. Some pundit once remarked that he stays in New York, with all its problems, because "If I want a pastrami sandwich at 2:00 AM, I know where I can GET a pastrami sandwich at 2:00 AM!" (presumably with a Pepto-Bismol chaser.)

    It's time the Second City got with the program.

    Keep this up, Uptown!

  10. No way you'll find me "shopping" at JJ Peppers late at night. You'd be a fool to do so.

  11. EEW - don't even want to go to JJ Peppers in the DAYTIME!

  12. If you're up that late, it's best to curl up with a blanket and watch a vintage movie, than to venture out and become part of the news.