Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preservation Or Piecemeal Peddling?

A reader sent in these photos of some of the items that were donated and auctioned off last night at Uptown United's gala and fundraiser:


  1. Really? That's pretty to get Jam Productions' name out there, they are just going to donate piece by piece parts of the Uptown Theatre? Regardless of whether the pieces were attached or fell down off the theartre, shouldn't they attempt to salvage every piece so it can be a part of the restoration if and when it ever begins? This seems troubling...

  2. Wow.

    Preservation or Piecemeal Peddling? Neither - it pathetic.

    The small amount of hope that I had that JAM will be good caretakers has just went down the drain...

  3. Unlike terracotta, when plaster falls off, it cannot simply be put back in place. Molds can be taken, and new pieces cast to replace the old.

    Auctioning off the fallen salvage at a fundraiser is better than tossing these pieces in the dumpster.

  4. I would have bid for a piece of history specially from a historic building as the Uptown Theatre. I have many collectables, mostly bronze or marble and the only way to get them is at a auction or salvage yead. Why throw history away when someone can own them and enjoy them as I do.

  5. Watchdog is on the money regarding plaster restoration. Plaster is very restorable when you have material to make a mold (and a source of funding but of course). The mold to restore the area(s) which these came from can be pulled off of an undamaged section.
    I wonder how these pieces were originally painted or gilded?
    Jam Productions is not selling off pieces of history in this case at least, if these were fixtures such as lighting, handrails, etc I would say hit the alarm!
    The Uptown has lost some parts here and there but its a minor miracle that so much remains...please.....please...please....restore the Uptown.

  6. The auctioning of just one small piece of the Uptown Theatre gives me a foreboding feeling.

    I doubt I'll see a restoration of this beautiful building in my lifetime.

    I can only hope ...