Friday, October 1, 2010

Papa Ray, On The Way

S&L Grill, we hardly knew ya!

According to a sign in the window, Sheridan and Lawrence will soon be where you can find "Papa Ray's Pizza and Wings" - "Home of the Monster Slice."

We hope Papa Ray has some tricks up his sleeve for the gangbangers who have made that corner so very difficult for retail to succeed.


  1. The S&L Pantry is a haven and caters to the gangbangers. The S&L Grill next door was no different since they are related owners. They allow drug transactions to be conducted inside and loitering outside of their businesses. Their biggest money maker is probably cashing link cards for a nominal fee (very illegal) which in turns provides drugs addicts cash for illegal drugs. It's our tax money at work. Hopefully, Papa Ray's has no affiliation with them.

  2. If I where him I would hire a armed guard from a security agency for a month or so and have him to keep calling the cops everytime he see them hanging out or around the business. Make him stand in good view and after the cops keep coming hopefully they will get the ideal they are not welcome. Also the phone number for S&L Pantry is (773) 271-6270 so why not have all of us keep calling them and asking why they are allowing the gangs to loiter around and inside his business and you are going to report him to every city department you can to get him closed down unless he takes action to keep his property safe and free of gangs and drug dealers. Where is the Uptown Business Assoc. Why can`t they help with the problem also to force this jerk to clean-up his act.

  3. Yeah that place is the pits,
    I found this strange review on yelp. Im sure its sarcastic

    "5 stars because...what's not to like? I could go into more detail about the character of this little Uptown convenience store, but its one of those experiential things. The coffee is fresh and cheap. Gum is kept behind the counter. Revolving cast of characters outside the door. Swing by sometime.
    I subtracted one star because it is dirty and they never have pretzels when I want them."

  4. sorry the review i put is for s and l pantry.
    looking at the post its not quite clear what im referring to.

  5. Hello,
    I am the owner of Papa Ray's Pizza & Wings soon coming to 4757 N. Sheridan. I do not have any affiliation with S & L Pantry. I hope to have the corner cleaned up as much as possible but not sure how.. I like the idea of having an armed guard but at first I will be losing money so I cannot afford it.. If there is any other ideas about how to keep the sketchy people away please let me know!!!