Monday, September 27, 2010

Double, Double, Toil And Rubble

A reader writes:  "Transformers 3 filming?  Or, is it just our local streets, dug up in a perpetual state of repair?

This is what awaits drivers at the intersection of Irving Park and N. Sheridan Rd. today.  

“But,” you ask, “didn’t they just pave that portion of Irving Park?”  Yes, they did, but apparently then they remembered they had to do some sewer work, so this is how it looks today."


  1. I have seen it happen time after time. They pave the street and one week later they are digging it up again for sewer work. Paved again and then they dig it up again for gas pipe work. Is it job security or are they just to dam dumb to get all the needed work done at one time.

  2. IDOT isn't done paving yet. that was just a layer to smooth out what they tore up. after they fix some sewers they will put the final coat on.

    its all patched now waiting for the top coat at least by sheridan. by broadway its still the rough surface.

  3. This is the normal process of street repair. They don't replace the sewer covers until after then have put the first coat of blacktop on then they can set the man hole covers to be even with the second coat they will be putting on shortly.