Monday, September 27, 2010

CAPS Safety Meeting Monday Night

Graceland Wilson Neighbors and Beacon Block Club are sponsoring a Safety Meeting this evening with CAPS officers regarding what block clubs can do to help make Uptown a safer place.  Learn what we can do, individually and together, including
  • Telephone trees
  • Placing a 911 call with the greatest impact
  • The importance of court advocacy
  • Signing complaints about problem neighbors
It's tonight at Truman College, 1145 West Wilson, and runs 7pm-8:30pm.  The timing couldn't be better.  Please come out tonight to meet your community policing officers and connect with your neighbors.


  1. Can someone who attended give an update? I was unable to attend, that work thing interfered.

  2. More than 70 Uptown residents decided their neighbhorhood was more important than Monday night football and attended this meeting.

    They were not disappointed in the chockful-of-good-information-for-community safety session!

    The special guest list included:
    -Commander Kathy Boehmer
    -Gina Say with the States Attorney's Office
    -Jadine Chou, Senior VP for the CHA

    Block clubs were represented by:
    Joe Fogarty, Beacon St Neighbors
    John Barnacle, Dover St. Neighbors
    Ken Kaczmarek & Katharine Boyda for Graceland Wilson Neighbors

    Everything you ever wanted to know about 911 calls kicked off the session, followed by Jadine Chow's new transformation on CHA's new approach to problem tenants who chose a path of crime and gang activity. This woman is a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

    If you were unable to attend, jump on the Block Club Bandwagon and join your block club today!

    All of the block clubs have Facebook Pages. Just go to and search for your block club by name.

    Gina Say from the State's Attorney's Office summed it up well, "It takes all of us, the police, the State's Attorney's office, and especially you, the people who see what's going on in your neighborhood every day, to clean up the crime and create a safe community."

    Block clubs make a hugh difference in their neighborhoods.

  3. Actually, it's Beacon Block Club (BBC). Beacon Street Neighbors hasn't been around in a very long time.

  4. Just to follow up on Katharine's post, the relevant GWNA sites are:

    - Blog:
    - Facebook:

    I'll be posting a more extensive review of the meeting (along with notes from the various speakers) on the blog soon, hopefully by later today...

  5. Thank you Katharine for your recap.

    There was a security guard in the courtyard at 4425 Malden last night. This evening, they were installing a higher gate and surround so that one can't reach around and open it.

    This should slow down the foot traffic using that complex as a cut through.

  6. Here's a more extensive recap:

    @Bluestreak: Great to hear things are progressing!