Thursday, September 23, 2010

Community Alert: Restaurant Robberies


  1. Also (appeared to have) happened to Chava Cafe at Leland and Clark last night, the glass door was busted in and an officer was surveying when I walked by this morning.

  2. In most businesses it is common pratice they leave no money in the registers but empty them into the safes at closing times and leave the register drawers wide open so they are not all broken up and busted looking for money. It is alot cheaper to replace a broken glass then a register. Lets hope they also have a alarm company that sends the cops as soon as the motion sensors set it off.

  3. Business break-ins are common thing around argyle st. Usually the break-ins happen to businesses such as the grocery and jewelry stores. These restaurants robberies are surprising as they usually don't keep cash or valuables overnight. Unfortunately, they don't have much security either.

    Some of the restaurants on argyle st. that got robbed in the last week includes: Tank Noodle (Pho Xe Tang), Pho 777, and Hai Yen Restaurant.