Thursday, September 23, 2010

Block Club Meeting With CAPS Officers, Monday, September 27

You’re invited to the Graceland-Wilson Neighbors & Beacon Street Neighbors Block Club Meeting with CAPS.  This summer has been one of the most violent summers in Uptown.  Learn more about how we can work together for a safe, peaceful community.  Join us for this important joint block club meeting with Chicago Police CAPS.  Let’s use this meeting as an opportunity to connect with your neighbors, share information on ways to clean up the crime, and learn more about how we can bring peace to our community. 

·   Monday, September 27
·   7 PM—8:30 PM
·   Truman College

Join Graceland Wilson Neighbors & Beacon Street Neighbors, with the Chicago Police, and learn more about…
§     Best practices for making  911 calls
§    Ways to use 911 phone trees for the greatest impact
§    Why signing complaints works with problem neighbors
§    How court advocacy uses the power of the community

Please invite your neighbors, post this flier and help spread the word today!

                      See you Monday, September 27, at Truman College!

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