Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Andy Lam Running For 46th Ward Alderman

Andy Lam can be added to the list of declared candidates for alderman in the 46th Ward. Check out his website and learn more about him and his platform here.


  1. He should stick to his acupuncture and herbs. Not politics.

  2. I especially like the picture of Andy stretching at his desk ...

  3. No Thanks.
    My vote is still secure with Michael Carroll. With all of the Violence in the area, I want a Chiacgo Police officer with the knowledge of fighting gangbangers to come in and clean this area up.

  4. He did work for the Illinois Department of Transpotations.
    He has common senses.
    He apparently has several families.
    This is my favorite part
    He wants to teach 6th graders how to invest 50 dollars a week of their allowance so that they can be millionaires by age 57.

  5. Be nice people...I feel he's genuinely interested in making Uptown better. He can/should be part of the solution. Don't mock his innocence/naivete.

  6. "the Ward really doesn't need another backward-thinking lawyer, or another career government employee with an agenda to beef up his pension dollars, or some smooth-talkers with lots of big promises but lack the executive skills to make things happen."

    Wow. Pissed me off several times there, obviously believes what he reads in the papper too much. NO. This guy is clearly the Sarah Palin candidate. Dumb and out of touch.

  7. Agree with Bradley - be nice people. Good for him!

    I do note that my vote is already leaning towards one of the individuals who has already earned my support.

  8. "please send me email, give me a call or send a fax. You may know something that I don't. Your solutions may be better than mine. Any input is highly appreciated. Let's make things happen!"

    -This statement says more for him than anything else. This guy's lack of experience may be a good thing. Don't rule anyone out people. We don't need more of the same.

  9. jason,

    I actually think that quote strikes at the heart of one of the major issues we have with City Council.

    Lots of people running around saying a whole lot of nothing (beyond straight up pandering) and producing even less.

    Considering that the city has been victimized by incompetence, neglect and various amounts of corruption, it's hard to argue that the current, or historical, crop of aldermen can be categorized as anything more than weakly qualified.

    All one has to do is look to the $655M budget deficit to know that we have the wrong people in council chambers.

    Not to say that Andy's got the goods, but he certainly isn't wrong to make that statement.

  10. I am saddened that people mock someone that wants to make a difference in this ward.

  11. His office is located in 47th Ward which begs me to ask if he lives in the 46th ward? Is that important for the voters in the ward?

  12. According to this ward map, his office is in the 46th, if you are referring to 1131 W. Argyle.

    1131 is on the south side of the street.

  13. Andy Lam could be the best alderman ever, though I've never seen hide nor hair of him.

    The last I've seen all the other 4 candidates together was at a CAPS meeting 3 weeks ago at Truman.

    Frankly, Cappelman is the only candidate I see regularly north of Montrose. Is he the best candidate? I don't know, but at least he has no problem mingling with the masses.

    The rest of these guys (and gal) who are running are pretty invisible.

  14. Check again guys, 1131 W. Argyle is in the 48th Ward (Argyle between Glenwood and Kenmore). But, I'm assuming this is just his office and that he lives in the 46th.

  15. I'd love argyle to clean itself up and recognize that there are a BUNCH of people in this neighborhood who don't utilize their services b/c they don't clean up their storefronts, remove their bars, water their flowers. IN FACT yesterday I saw a Business owner on Argyle dumping their trash in the public receptacles. That receptacle was already overflowing with trash onto the street, probably from all the other business owners looking for free trash pick-up.

    The business district helped contribute to the rise of the neighborhood once, but now is a major detriment. The business owners won't even call 911 when someone is sleeping in front of their door.

    Maybe he should form a business association on Argyle that recognizes the neighborhood as changing and help contribute to the betterment of the neighborhood. I'd be more interested in someone who could unite the business owners on that street and help clean it up than someone who thinks they can clean up the whole ward. It would be a great resume builder for him.

  16. Brad, you are right about the 48th. (hangs head in shame.)

  17. I am saddened that people mock someone that wants to make a difference in this ward.

    yup me too.

    Been in this city two years and it's not just the gang banger's and drunks I don't like. It the overall attitude of midwesterner's. Just so negative and blank.

    Complain, mock, whine, complain, mock.

    Sure some things are legitimate complaints, of course. But wow Chicago, it just ain't the gang bangers and drunks that don't have much to offer.

    Next time you are in a line at a store or some typ of retail. Watch how no one smiles, no one says thanks, and watch how the customer treats the service industry worker as a machine. It isn't just Uptown, it's Lakeview, etc.

    I worked as a volunteer at Truman when the City was giving out Swine Flu shots. That was the turning point for me.

    I am referring to the middle and upper middle class people in the next few paragraphs.

    I saw so much complaining. People were so unpleasant. Where is the parking!? And asked not politely non stop. What do you want Truman to do? Knock down a building and make a temp parking lot?

    Complaining about immigrants out loud taking shots away from them. When in fact the largest abusers were suburbanites who came into the city for the free shots reserved for city residents. I especially appreciated the mother in front of her kids who pointed to an Asian female and accused here of being an illegal. Really? How would she know.

    These type of poor attitudes was/is so prevelant.

    Now there is post poking at the business owners of Argyle street. Yes that is just one post. But that sums up people here.

    It is just an overall bad vibe here. Glad I'm going.

  18. Jonathon your whole article stinks of generalizations. Your marxist atttitutude about "suburbanites" coming in and A. Taking shots way of city residents and B. Accusing people of being "illegal" are comical.

    Uptown is full of great people. Are we cynical? Hell yes. Maybe it irks us to no end to come home after an unappreciated day at work to panhandlers, drunks, and thugs who's mere presence on the street can be traced back to the very tax dollars that come out of the check from the job we were just unappreciated at.

    The service industry is being unappreciated? JOIN THE CLUB. As I type this, looking out my window I see an unsupervised neighbor kid RIDING HIS BIKE through a garden plot I help maintain. But hell, I have more than him, so I better just keep my mouth shut. What is another few hours fixing it? Huh?

    Wow you have been in the city two years and you've "had it?" "Complain, mock, whine, complain, mock," that's all we hear from you...

  19. Jonathan,

    on behalf of rude midwesterners I would like to wish you the best in your move.

    Don't let the door, hit you on the.......welp, you know what I'magonna say, don't cha?

    I got a flu shot at Truman and I was polite and decent. As I almost always am. Except on the internet. Where I become rude midwestern man and mock whiners such as yourself.

    Really, people who drive in from the burbs for a free flu shot are generally not representative of the larger group of people. I'm picturing cheaper and more demanding people with the time on their hands to drive a great distance in order to save a few bucks.

    So again let me wish you the best of luck in your new location. I'm sure the people will be much more polite than the middle and upper class midwesterners you so despise.

  20. Jonathon,
    You have to be the change you want to see. Categorizing Midwesterners really isn't any different than categorizing some other group.

    Personally, I get irritated with candidates who wait until right before they declare a run for public office before they lift a finger to promote change in this ward, and God knows we have needed change for decades. (This Andy guy isn't the only one guilty of this ploy.)

    I never heard of Andy Lam. He's been here almost 20 years and it appears he's done diddly squat with promoting change, including helping to get a change in leadership in all the many years he's been here.

    No, Andy doesn't have my respect and his ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

  21. Why are half his pictures blurry or turned 180 degrees counter clockwise?

  22. From website:

    Tell us what matters you the most in the 46th Ward. I am a real human, not a cold politician. I do want to hear from you and learn from you. You may have better solutions than mine.

    Citizens for Andy Lam

    I wish this was the prevailing attitude over the last 23 years in this ward !!!

  23. Jon, I don't think anyone is unfairly mocking him. No one has heard of this guy, the typo's and grammatical errors on his site would be ripped to shreds anywhere, regardless of his race. Take notice of your own there, smart guy.

    Good riddance, and how dare you trash talk my city and my ward like that. I have lived here for more than 15 years, long enough to call myself a Chicagoan. My city may have some seriously corrupt politicians, and some major crime issues; but I have never experienced an attitude that was just so "negative and blank". People smile, all over the place. People say thanks, and more.

    Asking about parking? Have you lived in Chicago, at all? Who doesn't ask about parking?

    Make like a tree and leaf.

  24. i like jonathons complaints to a certain degree. a bit too negative though.

    should everyone just shut up and smile and accept everything as okay? No.
    should everyone complain nonstop no matter what? No.

    Apathy is just saying nothing and never complaining.
    People should treat the cashiers and workers nicely, but also the cashiers and workers should treat the customer nicely. I have many times tried to chat with them or just be silly and just get blank stares and bad attitudes. So its a two way street. If they the workers project a bad attitude they will not get many smiles or happiness in return.

    Now get back to work all you machines of commerce! Whoa!
    Just kidding.

  25. Miss Kitty, I was thinking the same thing about the invisibility of the candidates with the exception of James Cappelman. Having said that, has anyone noticed the storefront on Wilson around Beacon or Malden that now says "Friends of Don Nowotny? It's still being set up from what I could tell and it looks pretty big.

  26. Molly, James and especially Michael are being visible by using social media. You can find out what all of them are doing by following them on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

    its in everyones best interest to get up to speed on the way our candidates our using technology to communicate with us instantly. You can learn a great daeal from our candidates in this way.

    I don't know if Andy has a Twitter feed yet, but if he comes up with one, I will let you know. Just follow me at

    Speaking of Andy... I think he has a lot of good ideas. They just sound funny because of the wording and presentation. If you' really want to know what Andy is all about, he did provide his email address and phone number on his web site. Don't be afraid to shoot him an email or give him a call.

    @The46th tweets Molly, James and Michael from time to time. Why not? Now is the time to dig in and get your questions answered so you can make the right choice at voting time.


  27. Tweeting is okay but given one can only tweet a short phrase, I'm not learning much about the candidate. Tweeting also doesn't take much tech talent.

    I'm more impressed with a candidate's website. It should do more than just tell me about the candidate. I want to hear about the candidate's experiences, accomplishments, and plans for the ward.

    The range of quality of the websites among the candidates thus far vary widely. A few of them have lots of catch up to do.

  28. Former candidate Gerald Farinas had a tremendous website.

    There is a whole lot more to being a viable candidate than a website.

    That being said any serious candidate should have a serious site.

    More than one of the declared 46th Ward candidates have rather pathetic sites.

    You can decide on your own who I'm talkin' about.