Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inspection No Surprise For Grasmere Nursing Home

Via Chicago Tribune:
photo via TheeErin on Flickr

State authorities are investigating whether a city Department of Family and Support Services official tipped off a Chicago nursing home to a surprise inspection led by the state attorney general's office that was designed to protect vulnerable residents at the facility, the Tribune has learned.

When a team of law enforcement officials arrived at the Grasmere Place nursing home in Uptown for the surprise "Operation Guardian" sweep on July 22, facility administrator Celeste Jensen was waiting for them in the lobby. "What took you so long?" Jensen asked.

Under questioning by authorities with the state attorney general's office, Jensen said she had been warned of the impending sweep by a city official whose job was to safeguard elderly and disabled people in nursing homes, according to two sources who discussed the case on condition that they not be identified.

Officials expressed outrage at the alleged leaking of the sweep. Grasmere was fully staffed and bustling with painters and carpenters, said the attorney general's deputy chief of staff, Cara Smith, and state long-term care ombudsman Sally Petrone, who both took part in the raid. Continue Reading


  1. sounds like a nasty place.
    should be shut down.

    a haven for drug abusers.
    alot of these guys go to
    thorek psych and detox all the time.

  2. Same owner as Somerset Place.

    I've got nothing against Grasmere Place - their rep regularly comes to CAPS meetings and contributes to the discussions - but the ownership certainly doesn't win any Good Neighbor Awards.

  3. It certainly is a nasty place and has been out of control for years. I know someone who was a volunteer for a while and the stories she has told me about what goes on inside this nursing home should have been shut down years ago.

  4. You have to love that the owner was stupid enough to tip off the investigators.

  5. I wonder how we could go about finding out who the unnamed city employee is who leaked it to the nursing home that inspectors was coming through?