Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Six Car Crash, Foster & Broadway

A reader sent in this photo and says:  "Giant 6 car crash at Foster and B'way tonight after 11:30. Allegedly some members of a gang were attempting to get away from other gang members."

Anyone else sick of being the "collateral damage" in GangWorld?  Line forms to the left.

We hope no one was badly hurt, particularly "our side," ie., innocent bystanders.


  1. I am so afraid that is NEVER going to end. :-(

  2. So where does the whole 'gang member' thing come from?? It could have just been someone running a red-light.

    I dunno - personally I want to hear facts over what I keep hearing about "gang activity". Certainly the gunplay we hear around Uptown is likely gang related, but in something like this I feel we need to report the facts, and not more 'it could be gangs!' kind of thinking.


  3. The post said "Allegedly" Dustin. I am sure six car crashes are common on when ONE car runs a red light.

    The beautiful thing about UU is that the people call in the happenings. That means people on the street talk to the police, and witnesses, then email it in to UU. UU is a blog, not the Tribune it does not have a staff of hundreds who can set out with fedoras and note pads.

    Do facts get wrong on UU? Sure. But with a lack of leadership and escalating crime I think THE PEOPLE of Uptown do a stellar job of reporting "the facts."

  4. I was involved in the crash last night, I don't believe it was gang related. The driver who caused the accident had a hit and run at Broadway and Montrose and was speeding away from the scene. He was going to fast and crashed into 5 cars at the red light at Foster. The person driving the car in the picture was critically injured and I hope he is ok.

  5. Not to be taken personally, Chip... and it was nothing against UU or the people using it.

    Kind of like in a trial, just the mention of a notion sits in the mind. You can say to the jury (UU readers in this case) "strike that from your notes" but the seed of gang activity has already been planted and gets more 'weight' than the 'alleged'.

    Just sharing my opinion and again not digging against anyone here.

  6. This is NOT gang related. I was there.

    This was a DUI accident. They guy had been driving recklessly down Broadway for some time. He hit another car at 4200. Was speeding and driving in the northbound lanes. He ended up in the lamppost on the corner. The guy in the Nissan Sentra (in the foreground) is in the Hospital in very bad shape, and may not make it - hence the Major Accident Investigation. Nothing gang related about this.

    Please don't spread propaganda on the internet. One of the guys in the accident was a retired cop from the "20" and lives 3 blocks away. He said this was the quietest areas in the city, and where all the cops want to work.

  7. "UU is a blog, not the Tribune it does not have a staff of hundreds who can set out with fedoras and note pads."

    There isn't a need for fedoras and notepads when you are reporting less by excluding the what if's, maybe's, or me think's.

    What does "the facts" mean?

  8. Sorry to comment again. This makes me mad because we are personally involved in this accident, and have vested interest in the neighborhood....

    Why would you even post something like that when you have no evidence of gang activity? You just hurt the creditability and news worthiness of your site. Now I don't believe any of these other stories.

  9. Adam: We quoted what a reader had sent us. See the word "Possibly" in the headline?

    We weren't there. We posted what someone sent us. Thank you for clarifying what happened. That's what a community blog is for.

    Feel free to not believe anything else you read on UU due to this story. Feel free not to read UU at all. Your choice.

  10. Sounds like it was the intersection of Montrose/Broadway/Sheridan that caused the initial mishap. That intersection is a bad accident waiting to happen. Especially with the influx of traffic that Target is bringing.

    Not going to be pretty. Good thing traffic studies were done though. Gotta dot those i's and cross those t's.

  11. The increased visibility of gang violence in Uptown leads people to assume that additional events may be gang related.

    It isn't a conspiracy, it is human nature. We look for patterns, it is the sort of thought processes that allowed us to stop living in caves.

    If you want to take it personally that people wondered if it is gang related, or take it personally that UU posted it as "possibly" gang related, that is your prerogative...but I think you are completely overreacting.

  12. Maybe UU should update the story. Several people who were involved in the crash have said this was not gang related. Take down what you wrote or add an update.

  13. I live directly on the corner of broadway and foster, it was not gang related. I am really proud of the respondents who came from the time they crashed, to the time they were here was so fast. It was all taken care of quickly. No riots, gunshots or yelling. Hopefully everyone will come away from this accident alright. It was very scary to watch this accident happen.

  14. just came back from dells with the family for 5 days. I live a block away from the intersection. This is very shocking. If someone did die of the accident. There is no doubt the drunk driver will face the Death Penalty (death during a felony; hit and run).

  15. i live at berwyn/winthrop and was walking outta the jewel there when i saw this.

    what a mess!