Monday, August 2, 2010

Shiller To Carol Marin: "You're Reading The Blogs"

Carol Marin interviewed Ald. Shiller on Chicago Tonight. Check out the full interview above.


  1. ha! good! everyone should! congrats UU on being validated by shiller herself, and for getting under her skin.

  2. Due to absolutely no demand I made a ShillerbGone video.

    Ding dong.

  3. Marin's interview was pretty good; Shiller was bumbling. Ha, like she doesn't look at campaign contribs! Hasn't her retribution closed certain area establishments?

  4. Sewers! Infrastructure!

    More Sewers! More Infrastructure!

    Never before have I heard the 46th Ward's sewers so praiseworthy.

    I would be a helluva lot more impressed if she had talked about the shootings, the gangs and the murders happening within a half block of her office.

    But, hey, gotta love those amazing Uptown sewers.

  5. Very good interview...very scary answers.

  6. My thoughts exactly gg--could she mention the sewers any more?

  7. She states that she has been so successful with "development without displacement." I'd like to see her stats on that. I think in the past 23 years she has moved in far more people from other parts of the city than she has retained.

    Any development, besides low income housing, in this ward was done while she threw up road blocks left and right. Yes, in her final term she brought us a Target, but the taxpayers had to pay for 400K low income housing units next to it.

    Her form of development is half-ass managed subsidized housing on every block.

    And apparently our sewers are the best in Chicago. Have you seen it when it rains???

    Everyone needs to watch were the money goes. You already see her buddies giving money to Don - who is "playing" like he has a different view for the ward than her. Watch for Helen to make sure the buses full of voters roll into Uptown on election day for him.

  8. She states she doesn't like politics.

    She lies!

    If her lips of moving she is lying.

  9. I can understand Helen going to her favorite softball lobbers, Williams and Washington, really I can. This is a big tribute day for her. But what I can't understand is Carol Marin, in 14 minutes, not even mentioning the violence and murders and gangs.

    I guess everyone is under the impression that Uptown is a leafy paradise like (grabbing names out of the air) Sauganash or Sugar Grove, where how the place looks after a heavy rain is one of the biggest concerns.

    My groggy memory comes up with six shootings and a murder right in front of Helen's office in the past couple years. Washington and Williams are just as purposely ignorant as Helen (so I have no expectations of them), but I'm really surprised Carol Marin didn't at least try to bring up the subject.

    Here's a news flash, Helen (and Jim and Laura):

    THAT is the big story. THAT is why your internal polls show you don't have a chance of winning. THAT is the community's biggest concern, and THAT is why we are disgusted with you. WE ARE AFRAID and you're talking about the sewers in 1988. THAT is why you are useless to us and THAT is why we are overjoyed you are going away.

  10. Mike Royko in 1987, so very prescient:

    "One of the most depressing sections of Chicago is the Uptown area on the North Side. Shabby apartment buildings, vacant stores, wino bars, littered vacant lots, junkies, muggers, and career down-and-outers. It also has a new alderman, Helen Shiller, and she has a vision of what that seedy old neighborhood should be in the future. And apparently her vision is that Uptown should remain a seedy old neighborhood".

    And he was absolutely RIGHT!

    Crapbag has done nothing for this neighborhood, apparently I have to give her props for the sewers, thanks for making it so I can poop in my house.

    And I'm sorry, but how can you be appalled some people don't know who Harold Washington is? He was mayor for four years and while he and his intentions were good, the political circus was even better!

    Council Wars!!! Fast Eddie was the star of the show, not the mayor.

    Do people discuss specific alderman when it comes to the Daley administrations? NO, they talk about the mayor!

    But, again, Helen Crapbag, thanks for setting things up so I can poop.

  11. Frankly, the infrastructure she talks about looks pretty bad to me the sewers etc.

    Also she talked about the how she brought life safety to buildings and condo.

    Really Helen what about Lawrence House.

    O and she never pays attention to who contributes to her. Did you see her nose grow on that one.

    She is a total mess.

  12. After watching this video, I am so relieved that she is not running again. She's really not the sharpest knife in the drawer and is plainly incompetent to run a ward. And how irresponsible of her to say that she doesn't want to know WHO gives her campaign money? And that she plans to stay in Uptown..? She meant Andersonville. I was shocked that there was no mention of crime. All they needed to do was play the video of the street riot fisticuffs horseplay incident and there's your interview--Puff piece!!

  13. to 30X

    That is why she has always surrounded herself with the lowest common denominator. She could be a ruler and god to them.

    Also I really don't think Gangbangers have a place in our society but the way she thinks everyone does.

    She is mess.

  14. It's the damn blogs, man,

    People read them and find out what's going on in da hood.

    Damn blogs.

    Captain Queeg Shiller......except instead of obsessing over stolen strawberries, she obsessed over blogs and informed voters.

    Methinks this end to Shiller's reign of error has been four years in coming. Starting with the silliness of What the Helen, the relentless Cappleman onslaught, the Fix Wilson Yard suit and of course the emergence of Uptown Update as an information and rallying force.

    Vive La Resistance, babee!

  15. FYI...Just Googgle California small claims court cases against drug house...Many articles of how a fed up community bonded together against property owners and filed multiple small claims cases against problem properties. We do enough complaining about these places. Lets get them in the wallet...$3,000 x 15, you do the math...

  16. Actually I think Chicago has and ordinance where they can take building where drug activity is going on but not sure.

  17. Great job on the sewers, Helen. So,let me get this straight...20 years on the job, and the thing you have to hang your hat on is the sewers? I dont feel safe walking my dog after 10pm, but hey, these sewers sure do handle a lot of excrement! Awesome! Great use of "resources!" Maybe you could have dealt with the murder thing first? Just a thought. Well, I've gotta go take a wicked "Shiller."