Monday, August 2, 2010

Helen Media Day

Ald. Shiller was on CBS2 news tonight, defending her record and pooh-poohing, well, us.  "Go to whatever, the blogs, and see how many people comment on them.  It's a handful of people in every instance."

Well, Helen, we're curious about one thing:  why is your firm supporter Charlotte Newfeld interviewed, saying what a great alderman you are, when she and many other of your long-time supporters are giving tons of support to Don Nowotny's campaign, even though his positions differ from yours in many ways?

- xoxo, The Happy, Joyous, Celebrating "Handful" - who don't really care what you say about us, just that you're leaving.

(The CBS2 story is online; the video is there as well but not downloadable yet.)

Update:  Channel 7 had a story as well.  Read it here.  Helen mentions wanting to "operate in a different theatre" (God help that theatre).  The photos looks like there was a video interview, but we're not finding any video online.


  1. helen. you are bad at being an alderman. after four years, i'm glad you're leaving. sincerely, one of the handful.

  2. the story on WGN was wayyy inaccurate. we're all NIMBYs apparently.

  3. I think she knows her number is up. I think she'd rather walk away, than have her tail whipped on election day. Either way, I'm glad she is leaving and we can now shift our focus to the future! :-)

  4. If handful means the 100+ comments on her departure thread, I'd hate to see "a lot"

  5. The woman is completely out of touch. I watched her appearance on Chicago Tonight and she was way over her head. She can't even muster complete sentences ON SUBJECT when she tries to divert. Politicians of today have mastered this. The game has just passed her by. Sad, even for Chicago political standards.

    Lets cut bait and call today what it truly was. An orchestrated exit because she knew she was done. She isn't completely vanishing (although I doubt we will see her around Uptown anytime soon), she is just gonna sit back in some other obscure government pension paid position bleeding taxpayers. Exactly why this city/state are in the toilet.

    The next coming months should be interesting here in Chicago. Daley and the Shillers of this city government have bleed the city dry and there is nothing left to do except admit that he has been skimming the taxes with TIF money. Ben J.(of the Reader) must really be enjoying all of this.

    As for Helen....good luck, good riddance and let the games begin. Now that she is out, I would imagine anyone who takes a hard line on the crime and the clean up (yep the drunks and drug addicts/dealers littering our streets) will have an edge in the end. I for one will be looking for a candidate who isn't soft. At some point, these candidates are going to have to show their cards on some real hard issues.

  6. I figured out why all the helicopters have been flying around the past few days,.

  7. @IrishPirate: Love the picture

    Helen: We are just the "handful" that actually post on here. Just be aware for every ONE of us, there are FIVE who only say these things to their friends or neighbors. Just because you ignore them, or don't hear them, doesn't mean they're not there.

  8. If we extend Helen's logic then every blog on the planet only represents a "handful" of people. Even articles on HuffPo or Kos only get a couple hundred comments and they are national blogs.

    The WindyCityEaglette reads UU every day and is just as concerned as the rest of you, but according to Helen, she doesn't count because she doesn't post.

    I think Helen just doesn't get the new world of politics and electronic organizing.

  9. That was quite a handful of people yesterday...14,597 page hits on UU.

  10. How many were unique page hits? Just curious.

  11. Helen, Helen, Helen. I'm shocked that you know what a blog is. You haven't updated your WYSIWYG website that your staff created with windows 95 since, well, 1995!

  12. 9000 unique hits.

    Add in the UU Facebook page and it's clear that this little blog is seldom read.

    We're likely talking over 10,000 people viewing this blog or the Facebook page yesterday.

    Pathetic, really.

    We all know that a real substantive local blog would get at least 10,001 hits.

    Damn bloggers.

  13. I heard her on NPR this morning. Her ability to ramble and avoid all questions is really something.

    Later, Helen.