Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Lot Going On Tonight

Just a reminder that the neighborhood is hopping tonight... in a good way:
  • 5:30pm: Festivities for neighbors in the 23rd Police District (in conjunction with National Night Out Against Violence) are being held at Gill Park, located at 825 W Sheridan, starting at 5:30pm. There will be carnival games for kids, and a bike safety obstacle course. Fame (the 2009 version) will begin at 7:45pm. Popcorn and soda for all during the movie!
  • 6pm:  Anti-Violence Walk from McCutcheon School located at 4865 N Sheridan. Following the walk, join your neighbors for a cookout at Buttercup Playlot, located at 4901 N Sheridan.  This is part of National Night Out, sponsored by the 20th District.
  • 8-9pm:  Positive Loitering at Wilson and Magnolia, sponsored by Uptown Chicago Commission at at the request of the police, in conjunction with National Night Out.
  • 8-11:30pm:  Free blues and hors d'Ĺ“uvres at The Tattoo Factory (not affiliated with National Night Out, but pretty fun nonetheless)


  1. I was able to make it to the positive loitering on Magnolia. Great group of people! Good job to all those who organized events yesterday; keep up the good work. You are appreciated!

  2. I agree, it was great to see positive loitering at that corner! I noticed that the thugs took their business elsewhere (along Wilson), but at least they weren't all concentrated in that corner lot. When I walked by, I was like, yeah, Uptown folks are taking their neighborhood back!!

  3. Yes it is good news that we all get involved and as much as possible. I cannot make it to every positive loitering but the more force shown to the street thugs the better we will get a hand on making our stretts safer and healthy for all the residents that live in our ward.

  4. Great turnout, a lot of nice people came out. It was great to see a few officers from our CAPS 2311 beat meetings show up (they reminded us that our Beat 2311 meeting is next Tuesday at Truman). Even 23rd District Commander Boehmer was there. Also, Aldermanic candidate Cappleman was there. Didn't recognize any other candidates. It'd be great if GWNA could organize positive loitering events at this corner at least weekly.