Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CAPS Beat 2311 Meeting Tonight

In anticipation of a large turnout at the CAPS meeting tonight for Beat 2311 (the area surrounded by Montrose, Broadway, Lawrence and Clark), the meeting has been moved to the Cafeteria at Truman College.  Everything starts at 7pm.


  1. Why not just come to the meeting. Tweeting a CAPS meeting is useless. CAPS works because people come to the meeting it does not work when people rely on others to attend.

  2. Wish I could PB. I work odd hours, and unfortunately there is no way to find out what is said at these things.

  3. As a second shift worker, I completely understand... but I also get that CAPS works as a collaboration between the community and the police.

    Perhaps someone who is there tonight can post useful information to those who can't attend?

  4. Wow, Went to the meeting. It wasn't as annoying as I expected. Whining was kept to a minimum. It is a meeting, not a bitch session. The guy in the pink shirt was great!

    To be fair though, many people just don't understand how things work.

    I am surprised Shiller never went to these. It was actually quite constructive.

  5. Saw two bike cops arresting a guy on my way home for possession and intent to sell. Keep it up CPD :)

  6. This was my second CAPS meeting I've attended. I found it frustrating that the meeting started late, but was abruptly ended without all questions from the large audience, being addressed. Such a large resident turnout surely warranted some additional Q&A time?

  7. I learned at the CAPS meeting to tonight that several of my neighbors and myself had called 911 to report a large gathering of gang bangers playing loud music in the alley between Malden and Magnolia. The police responded but were unable to disperse the crowd since none of the callers made a complaint. I was never asked if I wanted to make a complaint by the 911 dispatcher, rather, she stated that the "police are already on it".

    The take away: when calling 911, be sure to tell them you are making a complaint. Be aware however, you will then need to appear in court and face the criminal to prevent the charge from being dismissed.

    This is where the Court Advocacy and the Block Clubs can assist, so that you are not alone.

    This process stinks, but the more people that get involved, the better it will be for everyone.

    I encourage everyone to stay positive, and keep working to make our community safer.

  8. 1. Call 911
    2. Clifton street has been improved
    3. Extra patrol around Wilson and MAgnolia (Extra funding $$)
    4. Join Block Clubs
    5. Be a Court Advocate
    6. Police are trying to keep Bronco Billy safe for families
    7. If calling Police, be ready to sign a complaint and attend court
    8. Crime as a total has decreased.
    9. Don't just complain, be ready to get involved
    10. Send in solutions to clearing the Strip Mall on Magnolia and Wilson
    11. CALL 911 (had to add that twice)

    That's what I took from it. If anyone wants to add more. Feel free

  9. I'm glad to hear that other people called about the gang bangers in the Malden/Magnolia alleyway for when I called the dispatcher told me that it had already been dealt with. Clearly, not the case.

  10. It was my first meeting too. I usually work nights so it is hard for me to get to these. It was a great turnout. Who was the guy in the back in the green with the camera who was so mad when it was over? It seemed like they knew him as a troublemaker.

    I learned lots of things and was also shocked how the basics that I thought everyone knew that people didnt....like the difference between 311 and 911. I learned about the undercover cops looking for aggressive panhandlers and such.

    It was great to see the community really come out. I did wish it went longer. There was finally some great questions and stuff coming out and discussions and then it was over. I would really like to see a special meeting started just to get all the stuff out there and not just try to smash it all into an hour once a month.

    also....anyone know that super cute girl who was sitting in the back with the bright pink long sleeve shirt was??? she was sitting on the left side of the room. if she is reading this I would have loved to talk but I am actually rather shy.

    I plan on definetly going to more of these.

    I wish also that they asked if any bussiness owners were there. One of the managers from Godfathers Pizza was there and I wish she was able to be given time to speak up as a bussiness owner.

  11. Longer recap:

    -- Top two issues at the onset were:
    **Pizza Delivery Beating/Attempted Robbery by 3 people: Two in custody (charged) and good information on the third suspect. Charges have NOT been dropped (a rumor was saying otherwise).
    **Shooting/Homicide on Magnolia. Cop was moving toward the scene to break up a group of men fighting, but shooting happened before he could intervene. 23rd precinct has been given extra support, both from the area as well as from the city. Appears tit for tat shooting is happening on Magnolia and in Clarendon Park area. Extra resources are being used to patrol both areas at the same time.

    -- Police Camera at Wilson/Magnolia *IS* working; the light was just turned off due to complaints from neighbors. Camera is capable of being rotated 360 degrees, though obviously only one area can be filmed at a given time. Also, designated hot spots (like Wilson/Magnolia strip mall) enable police to disperse loiterers for 8-12 hours or face arrest. Police asking for community suggestions regarding Wilson/Magnolia mall (e.g., get a full-time security guard who can file complaints, extra lighting, etc.). Contact CAPS with ideas. Task force is being set up to interface with mini-mall landlords/shops and community ideas will be used to make sure all ducks in a row prior to that meeting. A similar task force was used to clean up Clifton.

    -- Previous issues of problems on Clifton and problems with prostitution on Beacon appear resolved (no issues the past three months).

    -- Previous issues regarding drug sales/loitering on Wilson and aggressive panhandling on Wilson being addressed more aggressively by police. Includes undercover cops interfacing with panhandlers to see if they are belligerent. Also, the various carts near the el selling things are licensed by the city. They are required to be mobile in case police determine they are blocking the right of way.

    -- Magnolia Malden Neighbors and Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association Block Clubs made pitches to join. GWNA, in particular, is looking for building/street captains. Best to join on facebook, if possible. Sounds like there will be a joint meeting between the two block clubs soon to discuss the public safety problems.

    -- Contact Cards. Police will take down name, address and other info from various people they meet, even if they are not going to arrest them. This is apparently a bureaucratic requirement, it won't go on your record, etc.


  12. ...

    -- 911 v. 311. If police can make a difference now, call 911 (e.g., shootings, noise disturbance, you hear someone breaking glass, etc.). If police can't make a difference now, call 311 (e.g., you find out your car window is broken when you wake up in the morning, a tree is in the middle of the road, etc.). Bottom line, call 911. Don't hesitate because you think your going to bother the police for something "minor" -- little things get filtered to the cops and may add up with other calls. 911 is your friend and the police want you calling it.

    -- Filing Complaints. This was news to me and a lot of people there and probably the most important take away of the meeting. A citizen can "have his peace disturbed", but a police office cannot "have his peace disturbed". Therefore, in order for the cops to arrest someone, a citizen must file a complaint with the police.

    So, in a situation where a bunch of people are playing really loud music at 1 AM, you can call 911, report the issue anonymously and the cops will eventually come by and probably get the people to turn it down. When they leave, the people turn the music back up. The police can come by multiple times, but "their peace cannot be disturbed", by law. Therefore, they need a citizen to be willing to file a complaint in order to arrest the violators. To do this, you need to leave your name with 911 and then be willing to sign a complaint. After arrest, you must also be willing to show up in court against the violator.

    Similar situation with loitering. Citizens or property managers or condo associations, etc. must be willing to file a complaint for an arrest to occur. There was discussion of possible retaliation and/or harassment (as the complaint is public info). Also, one person mentioned that they had signed a complaint but were fearful to appear in court against a gangbanger. Two things:
    ** This is where court advocacy plays a huge role. The goal is to get the community to support anyone who files a complaint by appearing with them in court so they don't feel alone. If multiple people show up to these hearings, the judge will take notice as will the person who was arrested. Richard Thale heads this up for the precinct
    ** If someone is intimidating or threatening a "complainer", it's a potential felony charge (as opposed to loud music being a misdemeanor). If that happens, contact CAPS & court advocates and they'll fight with you.

    -- Bottom line, you can see where CAPS, Block Clubs, Court Advocates and 911 Calls and Citizen Complaints all work together for the common good. Key take away is "not to sit behind your curtains and only call 911" or "come to meetings only to gripe" -- but roll up your sleeves and get involved. The police are here to help, but it is up to the community to come together and stop the riff raff.

  13. It was very informative and any questions left unanswered could easily be asked after the meeting to the numerous officers, block club reps, court advocates and other involved community members in attendance.

  14. A lot of political figures in attendance, including Greg Harris and all 4 aldermanic candidates (although not the alderman, herself). I've seen Cappleman at CAPS meetings before, but this was the first time I've seen any of the others.

  15. Frank,

    That was my wife. I am going to hunt you down now.

  16. Frank Castle... I supported you the moment that I read your name. For all of you who don't know Frank, ask Micro for a refresher. We'll fix Uptown one way or the other, right Frank?

  17. I had mixed feelings about the meeting. While there were some points made that were beneficial, some of it was running in circles.

    I was blown away by how many people didn't know that they have to give a name, and that they are responsible to be in court. That is how things are. How would there be any proof of anything if there wasn't someone to testify against the defendent?

  18. A lot of good conversations took place after the meeting. Paul did a great job facilitating the CAPS meeting.

    After the meeting, I spoke with a lot of people who are joining our block club. GWNA, Graceland-Wilson Neighbors Assoc. Our boundaries are Broadway to Malden, Montrose to Wilson. Join on www.facebook.com and search for Graceland Wilson Neighbors.

    We have a lot of new neighbors who are experiencing their first Uptown summer and it's been a humdinger for sure.

    We'll be hosting a joint block club meeting with Magnolia Malden Neighbors...Commander Boehmer made a great comment last night, "Everyone in this room has the power to make their neighborhood a safe place to live."


  19. It just blows my mind that 120 people showed up for a CAPS meeting, that there was a murder, a beating, multiple shootings... all within a couple blocks of the alderman's office... state senator and representative was there... and the alderman didn't deign to show up.

    More's the pity, no one even expected her to.

    She's done even pretending she gives two damns.

    Laura Washington, THAT's the real story. Helen is still in office for nine more months. She's still getting paid a hefty salary, as are her staff, to represent our interests.

    And she can't even come to a CAPS meeting. Worse, we would all be shocked if she did.

    Now THAT's the real story of Uptown.

  20. I'm glad that there was a great turnout at the meeting. I'm also glad that they covered how to call 911. Always leave your name and phone number so the police officer or 911 dispatcher can call call you back.

    The call takers are NOT police officers and do not get additional training in law. They sometimes won't ask you for your name and number so make sure YOU tell them your name and number.

    I have used my personal cell phone to call a complaintant or witness back to see if I have the right person. Or to find out which direction the offender went.

    If you wish to sign complaints the police do not have to "out" you. You can meet the police around the corner so the offender can't see you.

    Remember under Illinois Law "A police officers peace can not be breached" so we CAN'T sign complaints for noise.

  21. Truman Square Neighbor, great point! I would suggest that you email it to her directly. Many people said something similar in the comments section to both her stories, but the CAPS meeting is a great point. It would be nice for her to follow up on her feel good stories about her friend with coming to a caps meeting. But that would be real journalism and she does not appear interested in that. Only a "very few haters" that feel Helen does a poor job, hard to agree with that when over a hundred come to a CAPS meeting and the Alderman does not!

  22. okay, thought IP or someone would catch it... Frank Castle is the Punisher, i.e. he kills all criminals?

  23. Sad but true re Shill's absence. If she's doing such a good job, shouldn't she welcome the opportunity to see her constituents, hear their excitement about the new Target and the anticipation of the new Wilson El stop?

    Of course that could never preclude focus on our frightening crime situation. Yet, had she ever intended to, pardon the pun, shoot straight in addressing her taxpayers' serious/legit concerns, she couldn't have even considered missing that meeting. Her absence is deafening.

  24. Hats off to the guy who was the commentator. He was really good and kept order.

    I think something we really need to enforce more than gangs in education. It was amazing to see how many people didnt know the basics that I took for granted. Like the difference between 911 and 311. Or leaving your name with the police to sign a complaint. I guess growning up in a community that was more less crime ridden I was fortunate enough
    to be taught this stuff. I think we all just think we are all on the same page. Listening to that one girl about the fear of when the cops come with the long guns was a breth of fresh air about how they are percived my lower income families.

    Sorry Jason.....I had to give the shout out. As an honorable man...she is off limits.

    Take back 46....oh yeah. Glad someone got the name. Frank is back!

  25. Shiller doesn't go to beat meetings. She has been invited to 2311's, 2312's and 2313's beat meetings but never showed up. She sometimes sends an office staff member, but Shiller herself can not be bothered with such trivial things.
    Am I right Richard and James?

    I would bet money that she will not be at 2313's CAPS meeting tonight

  26. Everyone who went to 2311's beat meeting should attend 2313's meeting tonight at Clarendon Park! You don't have to live on the beat to attend the meeting. You need to show the powers that be that you are a force to be reckoned with.

    2313 is in uptown and you live in uptown so show up and voice yourselves!!!!!

  27. Does anyone know how I can get some information to the person in charge of CAPS 2311 or someone on the beat? I have some info that may or may not be useful. I was looking for a name or e-mail address but wasn't able to find anything through the city web site. And, I wasn't able to make it to the meeting last night.

  28. Call the CAPS office at 312-744-0064 or send a note to 23ehotline@chicagopolice.org.

  29. wait....Jason. So she isnt your wife????

  30. Frank...

    that was me, but unfortunately I am engaged.

    You should have come by, i'd like to meet people in the neighborhood, i've just recently moved here.

  31. Jamers....if I see you in the neighborhood I will say hi. I was actually walking right by you the way home. Not in a creepy way. Just we live across the street from each other. Glad to see new people moving in.
    It is funny. Most people end up meeting due to bad things in our area. The last time I met so many of my neighbors is when Leeland / Magnolia had the street crack open and water flooded it all night. Everyone was out talking and it was nice to meet people.

  32. I stopped going to CAPS meetings long ago because of Shiller's army always disrupting them. Has that ended?

  33. Mike for the most part it has ended there are however some people that claim to be journalists now that do disrupt the meetings.

    For instance this last meeting had a corespondant for Lake Effect News and the same person representing the Chicago news bench. He breached the ethical conduct guidelines of journalism when he decided to become the news rather than report on the news.

    But for the most part The army of disruptors has not come and when they do they are in the fringe and not recognized.

  34. Please do say hello! I'd love to get to know people in the neighborhood.

    Have a great night!