Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your $3 Million Wilson El Rehab Begins

A reader sends in a few photos of changes and improvements he noticed a couple weeks ago.

We're halfway there.. oh, oh, living on a stair...

And is it me, or is the blue tread new?


  1. No, that blue treading was there since at least September. I did see the stairs being retiled several weeks ago, albeit with a very blah color. You get what you pay for, right?


  2. which side of the stairs is new?
    seems the left side looks better

  3. The left side hadn't been completed when this photo was taken. Both sides are now "completed."

  4. in my opinion, the refinished stairs look worse than they did before (although i'll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that maybe they're not totally finished with them yet?). there are SO many other issues they could have spent this part of the tiny $3 million renovation budget on though.

  5. band-aid on an amputated limb. hopefully voters see through this crap.

  6. I guess we would have been foolish to think that they would restore the floors and stairs to their original condition. It's nice to dream.

    $3 million is not going to do much for this building. Perhaps it will be enough to preserve it until new leadership takes over the 46th Ward.


  7. Only in government spending does 3 million dollars not get you much. I am sure most of this went to labor which in Chicago cost a ton.

  8. This is a waste of cash.

    In a perfect world, where I decided all things, that stop would have been closed. I would have built a new stop running from Montrose one block north. It would have directly connected to the college and to the Target.

    Think of something similar to what is at Addison on the Red Line.