Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lights Out For 4 Nights On Gunnison

A concerned reader writes in:
"The street lights on the 900 block of Gunnison have been out for 4 nights now. Residents have called 311, including me. Nothing’s been done. We’ve emailed the Alderman’s office, response said the city has been contacted. Considering all that’s been happening in our neighborhood this is a bad and dangerous situation!"


  1. Yeah, it's been REALLY dark and scary on my street. :-(

  2. I called 311 about lights out on Lawrence about 2 weeks ago. I looked for a reason why thy might have been off (for about 2 weeks prior) and I did see one area where the wires that connect the pole seems to be down. About a week later, they are up working again and Lawrence Ave. is bright at night.

    Point here - Make sure the city knows about it and follow through on your report.