Friday, July 23, 2010

Information, Please!

Funny... when the Mayor comes to dedicate stuff in the 48th Ward, the people in the ward are told about it. Shocking!

If you can't get enough photos of Daley and the Target opening, check out photographer Steve Becker's site.


  1. The picture of Peter hugging Helen is heart-warming.

  2. The first photo of Daley holding his hands out and up should be captioned

    "Daley describes where the magic TIF money went".

  3. Yeah, the picture of Holstein hugging Helen made me gag.

  4. Is it just me or does Peter Holsten look like this guy?

  5. What? You mean the information on Helen's site regarding the temporary delays on the southbound redline from July 9th isn't important?

    That aside, with the opening of Wilson Yard and the expected dust up of the historical arguments, and the various news article being published, I'm looking at the pic of Target's produce and thinking of the $5.6M we spent moving Aldi, and I'm scratching my head.

    I've read in different reports that no one ever argued against the Target, and that the FWY argument was soley based on the housing.

    Actually, one of the arguments pertaining to Target was would they or would they not have a grocery element?

    Holsten said the Target will be the retailer’s standard format, not the one that includes a full-line grocery.

    And yet, I see produce ... at a competitive price, no less.

    Anyway, while some people are trying very hard to frame the opponents of Wilson Yard as nothing more than NIMBY jerks (and you're fooling yourself if you don't realize that a main reason for the confusing info coming from Holsten, Shiller and the various pro-TIF types wasn't done with a little foresight), I would hope that they look deeper into the history of the argument and note that the cruxt of the argument was transparency in the use of public funds.

    Again, I'm glad Target is here; but, as many people had asked previously, if Target is going to sell groceries, why did we spend $5.6M of public funds on Aldi?

    And, what happens to the Aldi site when it closes - cuz, if Target is selling groceries (and at reasonable prices), Aldi's days are numbered and we may have very well pissed away $5.6M that may have been better spent elsewhere.

  6. Holsten should be doing more than just hugging Helen for all of the money she's shoveled his way!!!

  7. In the first picture is the mayor teaching the employees neighborhood gang signs.

  8. As long as that facebook counter keeps ticking upward for the UU, she can post whatever she wants on her website.

    The way I see it somewhere in the neighborhood of 6k votes are cast in the ward (someone correct me if I am wrong). There could realistically be 3k+ fans of UU on facebook by the time the polls open that wont be voting for Helen Shiller.

    Gonna be a tough race Helen. Better start a Wilson Yard facebook page ASAP!

  9. Glad to see Shiller could get all gussied up for the event (note sarcasm). She looks like she is homeless or just came in from a windstorm. I am sure she is thinking to herself "look at all the votes I have from these new Target employees! I am so good for Uptown! All hail me and my superior decision making skills!"

    Can't wait until she and Daley are out of office!

  10. I thought Helen looked pretty good compared to her usual business casual attire.

    My favorite picturs is the close-up of the Mayor's comb-over.

  11. Again, I'm glad Target is here; but, as many people had asked previously, if Target is going to sell groceries, why did we spend $5.6M of public funds on Aldi?


    Because Aldi's lobbyists shoveled a lot of cash to Helen, et al.

    Now that this project is complete, you understand why Helen has not raised much cash in this cycle. Sure, Housing Partners XXXLLVCII or whatever the current LLC is still forks over the dough-re-me, but they've still got affordable housing rehab work in the pipeline.

  12. I get a somewhat queasy "vincent price meets sarah palin" vibe with the hug photo.

    The irony, is that anyone who wants to take the 'L' to shop at this shiny new Target, has to endure the most disgusting train stop in the city.

  13. Yo said:
    And, what happens to the Aldi site when it closes - cuz, if Target is selling groceries (and at reasonable prices), Aldi's days are numbered and we may have very well pissed away $5.6M that may have been better spent elsewhere.

    Ok, I'm really not trying to be negative here, but just pointing out that Aldi has survived and thrived in that spot a stone's throw from Jewel's, which has in the past had awesome and competitive sales. So if Aldi were going to be killed by competition it would have died a long time ago. See we would routinely shop at both stores--one would have something, and the other something else, maybe more precise we wcould not get at Aldi's. Also, Aldi's is really cheap--cheaper than Target in terms of food. So if one has a lower income, nothing will beat Aldi's. Aldi's straddles the line, offering prices the someone with a just a few bucks in their pocket can get food super cheap--while beginning to get in stuff that might also appeal to those with a little more coin in their pockets. I think Target's groceries will hit that higher-end (but budget conscious) shopper, who is also looking for some one-stop convenience, especially for brand names. Aldi's is getting in some brand names, but that's not really its hook--you get the store's brand for a fraction of the name brand price (instead of Corn Flakes, you get Corn Toasted Flakes or something from Aldi's). And even Target can't beat bread for under $ 1 per loaf. All this is to say that I think there's still enough distinction in the branding and pricing and offerings of the stores that one will not necessarily cancel out the other--but this is just one shopper's opinion.

  14. I couldn't help but notice that the contact person on the July 20, 2010 Target opening press release was none other than the spokesperson for the Dept of Community Development, "shut-up-and- stop-asking-me-questions" Molly Sullivan. The DCD is the Dept that is in charge of creating TIF's. That partly explains why the press release glorifies the TIF. Nothing like a little self-congratulation where no credit is due.

    I wonder if this means that we will be seeing DaMare on a Wilson Avenue school podium with Helen Shiller again this election season, like we did during the last aldermanic elections, proclaiming that there is no real crime problem in our neighborhood (because his statistics show that the overall crime rate for the entire Town Hall police distict that includes Lincoln Park and Lakeview are low?)

    I still wonder why, if overall crime stats for the entire District is what matters to DaMare, why it was that they had to have police hearings about the one shooting at last year's Taste of Chicago and why they had to redistribute the 4th of July fireworks display into three neighborhoods (including ours)to avoid crime problems downtown this year. After all, what difference does a shooting in the Loop and Taste of Chicago matter, Mayor, when the overall stats for the entire Downtown District are so very low? Can you please explain that to us, Mayor Daley, with your army of press secretaries?

  15. So if Aldi were going to be killed by competition it would have died a long time ago.

    I see your point, but don't agree for many reasons. Mainly that the competitive landscape has now changed drastically and recent history may not prove applicable as a basis of comparison.

    Not that I'm rooting against Aldi, I'm just miffed that once again the information provided about WY by those responsible for the planning of it has proven to be inaccurate and no one seems to have taken into account the consequences.

    Or, at least addressed those concerns publicly.

    And the media wonders why people (teachers, city workers, police officers, firefighers, social workers and the like - a majority of the folks who opposed the "how" of WY, not so much the "what") aren't over the moon excited about having a Target.

    I hope Aldi stays for quite a long time. They do provide a service.

    Target does as well. And like Walmart, Target isn't in business to aid their competitors.

  16. Wow, it's awesome to see comments like this from citizens who WANT us to be the police. It's been tough lately and something as little as your comments here make a huge difference. One other thing I'd like to mention that I was talking about with friends this weekend. PLEASE, as much as most people hate it, go to jury duty when you are called!!!! There probably is no other way for the average citizen to help the police than that especially when it's for criminal court. A friend of mine works in the narcotics unit. He had a case where the defendant was found not guilty because certain jurors literally said they will not convict the defendant because of his race. This guy sold drugs to an undercover officer and when he was arrested he was caught with crack cocaine, heroin, and the marked money. He walked because of the jury pool. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Thanks again for the support!!!