Saturday, July 24, 2010

He's Not 'Willie The Rat'

An Uptown crime is featured in an article on Chicago Sun-Times website this morning entitled "Why they won't stop shooting in Chicago:"

"‘I could be Willie the Rat, but I don’t care about s--- like that,' Willie Brown said while rolling a joint near Sheridan and Wilson in the Uptown neighborhood.

Brown is 28. He lives in a run-down high-rise and walks with a limp because he got shot in the leg."

Read the full article here.


  1. Meanwhile Darnell Robinson is still roaming the streets of Uptown. Thanks for not being a "rat" Willie.

    I remember that day in April. I remember gunfire on Sunnyside at 5:30pm as well. I remember them stomping a kids head in on Magnolia at 4pm.

    Good thing Willie's "momma told him not to" rat out a criminal.

    Thanks Willie's Momma!

  2. Now we can put a name to the UU report from that very day.

  3. Too bad these degenerates that really serve no purpose to exist cannot make the difference in their life to become a a real man and not worry about being a rat. Weather a rat or not guys like them belong in a cage anyway.

  4. I have always appreciated Uptown's rich diversity of people from all walks fo life, all corners of the globe and all life situations. We are a neighborhood that can't be characterized as home to one majority...we are many.

    Unfortunately "Willie" is simply taking up space in Uptown using it as his drug and alcohol abuse staging area and scene for his next illegal event.

    He is not a resident of Uptown...he has nothing wise to impart nor positive to offer...he is just in his own way and that of the rest of us.