Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Police Say Shooting Not LGBT-Related"

According to Gay Chicago Magazine, the most recent Uptown shooting, in a spring that has seen two or three a week, was Same Stuff Different Day. Yep, surprise, it was the gang-related and didn't have anything to do with the Pride Parade or Rocks Party earlier in the day.

"CHICAGO – Chicago Police Department officials said June 28 that a shooting incident that left two people injured in Uptown the night before was not gay-related.

Around 9:30 p.m. June 27, a man opened fire on a large group of people standing at the corner of Wilson and Broadway. Two people were wounded and taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital. There were some reports that the shooter yelled anti-gay slurs and that some people caught in the crossfire may have been coming from the annual Rocks Party at the lake, but police said the next morning that it was not related to that.

“It was gang-related,” a CPD spokeswoman said. “There was nothing LGBT-related about it." Police had not apprehended a suspect by mid-day June 28."

You can read the original story on page 12 here.


  1. I just heard about that shooting. And before I learned of the location, I said to myself... "I wonder if that happened on Broadway and Wilson".

    No. I'm not psychic, I just know the neighborhood!

  2. In related news, the police said it's not related to Honor Society Meetings, Knitting Clubs, or the local Mensa Chapter.

    No kidding it wasn't LGBT related. Duh.

  3. Colin - Initial reports indicated a possibility that it was GLBT related. Given the fact that the thugs on wilson aren't the most open minded and do tend to harass the people attending the pride after party on the beach, it is not out of the realm of possibility that it could have been GLBT related.

  4. "It wasn't LGBT was gang related."

    Whew, that's a....relief?

  5. More evidence for the evolving definitions of certain words.

  6. Sadly, shootings are common enough at Wilson and Broadway that an incident that happens to occur on Pride day is just.......a coincidence...

  7. Andy G - Sorry, I just jumped the gun (bad pun). I thought they were saying two gay gangs shot it out or something... hahaha

  8. And we all had such a nice afternoon at the lake, playing so nice together.

    I just hate it when the Latin-Queens fight it out with the Girly-Diciples.

    Everytime a shoot my gun I break a nail.