Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clarendon Park Bike Messenger

And on a possibly related note to the post below:

"At around 7:45pm, we witnessed mobile drug deals going on along Sunnyside between Clarendon and Hazel.  They featured a familiar cast of characters that are known to the officers in the area (I asked about them at a recent CAPS meeting) -- _______ (tall skinny Latino guy with long ponytail) and an African-African high school aged kid with a huge afro.  _______ rides around the block multiple times with his phone, kid with afro steps up to him and audibly puts in an order for a quarter bag, _______ heads back down the street towards Hazel on his bike.

We called this in to 911 and mentioned both guys specifically. We just noticed that both guys are back in position in front of the park/community center.  Residents, please keep those calls coming into 911. Go to a place where you feel safe (don't make the call in front of anyone), and make the call. Thanks."


  1. I also saw these two last week on Agatite between Hazel and Clarendon. I thought they looked shady, but didn't see anything to warrant a call to the police. Now that I know who they are, I will definitely call next time I see them even "just hanging out". Thanks for sharing the info.

  2. "Just hanging out" is perfectly legal. People have every right to just hang out (even if they look shady to you).

    Call the cops if and when you see suspicious activity or drug sales.

  3. "Hanging out" is legal. Technically, an adult riding a bike on a sidewalk is an illegal act.

    "Bike messenger" seems to be the standard mode of operation for dealing. One guy sets up the deal. A second takes the money. A third delivers the drugs. There's probably a safehouse or car (look out for a car cruising the neigborhood checking in with the bangers) with inventory.

    The deal may take place over a couple of blocks and at no time are the money and drugs in possession by the same person at the same time.

    The buyer probably put the plastic wrapped rock in his/her mouth. If stopped by the cops he'll swallow it.

  4. yea, we've all seen em. but as a bike messenger, i can say they aren't one of us. or in our in our class. ;)

  5. gang bangers rarely, if ever "just hang out." Much as I'd like to think otherwise. If you see them, they're on the job in one way or another: selling, acting as lookout, enforcing or just showing the flag.

  6. I would like to do more then call 911 on these punks but if I see them from my roof deck I for sure will be calling. Also I will be calling the Attorney Generals hot-line for drugs enforcement and see what they can offer in getting them out of here.

  7. If we legalized drugs this would not be a problem