Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting Ready For Retail

Windows have now been installed in the retail spaces at the building on the southwest corner of Leland and Broadway that's in the process of being rehabbed.  Perhaps this building will be the first to breach the Broadway retail dividing line between the 46th and 48th Wards.  We can hope, can't we?


  1. I have never quite understood that building. At one point, there was a restaurant in the corner space, and a little bit south of that, was a candy store. Or something like that.

    When I was in Chicago last summer, I believe the building was completely empty. Let's hope they bring something useful to the neighborhood. Like a gun store or someplace to purchase bullet proof backpacks!

  2. There are lots of storefronts in Uptown that I just scratch my head.

  3. The restaurant was The Uptown Snack Shop, which was there for 47 years, until the new owners of the building ran out the Snack Shop's lease.

    The Uptown Snack Shop had all kinds of people there, and was a great meeting place for friends.

    The owners of the building didn't think that the restaurant fit into their plans.

    Then, i believer, the owner died, and thefamily had the development stuck in court. And them i'm sure the economy had something to do with it.

    What a stinkin' waste. Had they let the Snack Shop stay, they might have had enough money to continue construction, and would have been done by now.

    People complain about Wilson Yards, but that building has been as much an eyesore over the years, and only due to someone's greed.

    So the neighborhorhood lost an icon for "development"

  4. JP Paulus, thanks for the clarification. Many years ago, when I lived in Uptown, I used to walk pass that restaurant almost everyday. I don't know why I couldn't remember the name of the establishment.

  5. People complain about Wilson Yards

    For different reasons.

    And, much has been complained regarding the night/day environment of the Leland DMZ.