Monday, June 21, 2010

Black Star Project Comes To Uptown

From CBS2 News last week:

"Action Group Fights Violence In Uptown; The Black Star Project Hosts First North Side Meeting Reporting.  The Black Star Project, a community action group, hosted its first North Side meeting of "the Deborah movement," a network of women who vow to take action against criminals in their neighborhoods."  Read more here.


  1. I welcome this action group to our ward and I wish them luck on helping lower the crimes we all see everyday. The gangs actions are very much stronger then this groups words but I guess anything is worth a try. I still stand by groups like the Guardian Angels. Their not the final solution against crime but with their experience and strength in numbers they surely would have a good effect to make our neighborhoods alot safer then groups that offer little but small talk.

  2. Philip Jackson of Black Star has come to some events in Chatham, including a "pre-emptive prayer strike" at Ruggles school...he is a VERY supportive person. However, he needs the COMMUNITIES to step up.

    he's not trying to take over -- simply support & enhance the local effort, so it can grow and become stronger through the efforts of the local people.