Monday, June 21, 2010

Going My Way?

As part of the when-will-it-ever-end Truman College parking garage construction, the two blocks of Racine between Broadway and Wilson will convert into a one-way street, heading north, which will make it easier for fire station vehicles to be on their way.  This past week, the 4600 block made the switch.

When the 4700 block gets switched over, we imagine traffic on one-way-going-south Clifton will increase, hopefully putting more eyes on the street and helping maintain the new calmer, cleaner street that's come about.


  1. great improvement, Racine is no longer a Truman traffic jam in the late afternoons and early evenings. It's sadly humorous however to see that some people haven't figured out the new ONE WAY signs at the north end of the 4600 block or seem to notice the very large DO NOT ENTER sign posted to a barricade that takes up half the street.

  2. I live on the part of Racine that made the switch last week. And I absolutely LOVE IT. Far less cars squeezing past each other and fighting for limited road space.