Thursday, May 6, 2010

Unlicensed Vendors Just Steps From Alderman

A reader sends in the following photo:
"We have all kinds of new unlicensed street vendors showing up in the area. Here is a photo of a guy selling without a license yesterday at Broadway and Wilson."


  1. Hey, that is where Helen shops so it's all good.

  2. what would u rather have him sitting there trying to make a buck or breaking in your home or car or better yet sticking u up. You can't have it both ways! Everyone is not as fortunate as u to have a job where you can surf the internet all day. Maybe thats the real reason why our economy is so screwed up...Nobody's working
    too worried about the little guys trying to squeeze a buck here or there for what ever reason.

  3. Again with the false-choice argument! According to you, he has only 2 choices in life:

    1) Sell stuff on the curb without a permit, or
    2) Breaking & entering.

    Nice try!!

  4. What about getting a license?

    What about not blocking the public way?

    Ask the vendors around Wrigley Field just how strict the city regulations are, and if this would be tolerated in any ward bordering the 46th.

  5. I would like to see him working a job like I do everyday.

    Or following the retail street vendor laws of Chicago.

  6. Thanks for the laugh crusader. Your false choice between this man violently breaking the law, and non-violently breaking the law is the sort of question that threatens to lower the intelligence of the entire planet. Check out the "broken window theory" for a thorough dressing-down.

  7. I find Crusader's condescension more appalling than the actual violation itself. Nice to know you expect so little from people in the 46th Ward.

  8. Maybe they can add a planter for him to sit on when they start the Broadway streetcaping on Monday. That will be classy.

    Helen's office just sent out an email regarding the project.

  9. As you don't seem to be part of the solution Crusader, you must be part of the problem.

    Just following your own logic.

  10. I wonder if the merchandise is legit, is it stolen?

    Also Crusader all businesses in Chicago have to be licensed and have to follow the rules.

    So it's ok because he is down on his luck to not have to follow laws?

  11. If they ain't sellin tube socks, then I don't want any of what they got.

  12. Sorry Crusader. This is not his only option.

    I agree that one must be part of the solution or they will become part of the problem. You are part of the problem if you think his only alternative is illegally peddling wares in a drug-invested area with tons of public drinking.

    Have you ever heard of the term enabling? I'm curious what your thoughts are about it.

  13. Love it, Crusader! People breaking the laws of the city are the innocent, and the people who pay taxes and obey the laws are the bad guys!

    Congratulations, you have now successfully completed your indoctrination from the University of the 46th Ward.

  14. Thanks! GG. You know its funny u mention tax payers...and the irony is that you along with 99% of the population have no clue where their tax money actually goes. I'd do some research before I'd admit to be an idiotic tax payer who gives away years of money with no clue as to its use. Then again, you wouldnt have anything to whine about when they "the aldermen" carrying a boatload of your money...pissing it away as they see fit. You really are aiming your darts at the wrong target. But hey...the best way to waste your life is to waste your time. So who's the smart one or the guy on the street. Maybe he just got clued in a long time ago. Don't haterade.

  15. Crusader- with your logic if these street vendors can't make enough money selling their goods (and by the way have you bought their goods?) then it is ok to mug people and break into cars and homes.

    You also seem to be so concerned and believe that everyone is posting on this blog during their work day; are you at work wasting your time and robbing your work of the time they are paying you to work?

    It might be advisable for you to seek out some help from one of the many mental health facilities in Uptown.

    And what are you a "crusader" for? Letting people do absolutely anything they want and having a complete Anarchy in Uptown?

  16. crusader,

    If the person has enough ambition to bring all the stuff onto the street to sell, he should have the same amount of ambition to go to the city and obtain the proper licensing. I wonder if he is collecting sales tax and declaring the income on his taxes. If he is not, then is is breaking the permit law and is breaking the city, state and federal law regarding taxes.

    Ohhh... wonder also if he is collecting some sort of public assistance.

    Not to belittle the guy but obey the damn law man.

  17. Holy Moly...Enabling would be closing a blind eye to all the cheating that goes on in corporate america only to be awakened by the ugly harvest after math: Exponential unemployment, broken homes and skyrocketing homelessness from shameful mortgage fraud. The laundry list of post-80's enabled corporate greed and subsequent fraud makes what goes on on wilson look like a preschool. Wake up and try looking at the great big elephant charging at u instead of the droppings left behind. Don't be mislead to think by my comments in support of an individual who you have no clue as to what has led him to that spot...but be more proactive in issues that can at least stop the bleeding. The damage is done if you can read and comprehend...which i see u can...its more on the way. I am just saying there is more important issues going on even at cityhall that will way more impact your way of life than this guy. It just makes for good old fashion whining if you ask me.

  18. Wow. Crusader. Wow. I think I am at a loss for words. Dude, you can find out where all the money is being spent by walking over to the alderman's office and asking. Right?

  19. Hopeless in uptown and 950leland...I noticed a lot of I was wondering if..I wonder that..wonder wonder wonder...that to me is synonymous with whine whine whine...I I know thats where our roads see i never speculate on what or why a person is doing a certain thing...that changes nothing. Have you ever stopped by any of these people and actually chatted with them to start some type of dialogue to perhaps even try to engineer some sort of solution in their minds or even see these problems will never go away by just wishing them away. Be like nike says and JUST DO IT. DO something...and by the way..I am self employed and because I am not of the greedy nature I am implementing some programs (not goverment incentives...they have failed miserably) but programs which help individuals to take charge of their lives no matter what the situation. Even if nothing changes I can sleep at night knowing I took a step towards changing something instead of using my little overpriced gadgets to snap people who some consider worthless and forgotten.

  20. Ok and maybe just maybe my final note. Lets establish the fact that there are a lot of people out there who don't even have the cliff notes of the 10 commandments...let alone the city what. Change you can believe in is this...You have to make the changes not the government not the alderman, church or the police...You. As simple as this may may just start with LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF....and like it or not your neighbor is not just the guy or gal nextdoor...its that guy out their who is peddling with out a license or the girl who is open later than the 7-eleven. Come on guys and gals...use that multi-purposed-talented-endless source of resources you have called a brain and come up with something better than the typical complaints. Word for today: PROACTIVE

  21. Crusader,

    The mortgage debacle was really caused by Barney Frank and the Freddie Fannie debacle. That is what happens when you are basically forced to loosen leading standards...

    Just sayin'

  22. I kind of agree with crusader actually. But I also understand everybody else's point.

    Also, I know so many contractor's who have working in the City for 20 years who can never figure out how to get the proper permits, licenses, etc. Much less this poor schlep who probably can barely read.

    If this guy tried to get a license, by the time the union gets done with him, there really is no point!! He'd have to be in Street Venders Local 301, and after paying his dues he would come out negative!

  23. Actually, the more I think about it, this guy is making a smart business decision. He has no license to lose, no overhead. If he gets a ticket he will just end up doing community service. (SWAP) Genius!

  24. Crusader makes the typical class warfare comments.."Evil Corporations" are bad..guy breaking the law on the street is just a victim of that evilness, so we can't hold him accountable. Nice try.

    Kind of like those "evil" tax paying condo owners.

    The irony of you typing your comments on that Mac who's shares are selling for $250 per share does not escape me. Oh BUT THAT giant corporation is OK. Whew.

  25. Crusader, I'm not clear on what you are trying to accomplish. I know it's not to help these people because if they stick with peddling this crap, their lives are worse off. You can't make a living off of selling tube socks. You know it and I know it.

    So, what's your point? Regardless, it's against the law to do this and the law should be enforced. There is a ton of drug dealing and public drinking all in that area and it needs to get cleaned up.

  26. R, your a hypocrite. Your PT Cruiser is registered in the suburbs, but you live in the city. Is this done to avoid buying a city sticker? But the the street vendor needs a license? HYPOCRITE

  27. I don't have a car so I don't know how the hell I could be a hypocrite.

    And if I did have a car it would be a German car.

  28. Lordy....I'm beginning to think 'Crusader' is the shopping cart sock vendor, seen last week?

    Crime, even the non-violent type, is still crime.

    And blight, even the non-violent type, is till blight.

  29. The mortgage debacle was really caused by Barney Frank and the Freddie Fannie debacle...

    No, it wasn't.

    It was caused by people who came up with the brilliant idea of pooling loans together and securitizing them, and using AIG's AAA credit rating to purchase "insurance" against them in case the value of the securities fell. The resulting securities, called Mortgage Backed Securities, then inherited the AAA ratings, and were sold across the globe.

    Teacher pension funds, union pension funds, cities, everyone bought this pile of crap, with its inflated promised return on investment and "safety" of the AAA rating.

    Most divisions of AIG were well capitalized and profitable. Of course, these were the government regulated divisions. And as you may have guessed, the division where the MBS "insurance" products came from was completely unregulated. But this division of AIG didn't care. It was selling insurance left and right and as long as property values continued to go up, they made money.

    There was no incentive for banks to make good loans. There was only incentive to approve as many mortgages as possible, as the pension funds and and other investors had an insatiable appetite for the MBS, and the banks could leave them holding the bag. The only problem? The banks drank their own cool aide.

    $750,000,000,000 in taxpayer money later, the banks are flush with cash and not lending to anyone without a 720+ credit score.

    That's where the FHA comes in.

    So now, instead of laundering loans through AIG, they get laundered through the FHA. And if you've been paying attention to recent headlines, Fannie is going to be asking for billions of dollars from the Fed to cover recent losses.

    It's easy to blame Barney Frank, but the truth is that from 2000 until 2008, Wall Street banks created and manipulated an unregulated system of systematic fraud, and investment banking houses, like Goldman, both sold the piles of crap to clients, and bet against those piles of crap at the same time.

    The systemic fraud has mostly been shut down, which accounts for the stagnant housing market and enormous construction and real estate related layoffs. However, what action is left is now at FHA.

  30. Crusader,

    You keep saying that the people on this blog need to DO SOMETHING. You, along with the rest of the Shillerites, like to claim that nobody is doing anything, but the sweet irony is that you're complaining about what the people in Uptown have decided to do.

    We are doing something, and one of those things that we've done is agree that crime and lawlessness will not be tolerated in Uptown. Drugs, public drinking, prostitution, tagging, unlicensed street vendors, dangerous sidewalks, public urination etc. None of that will be tolerated. We are putting an end to the idea that lawlessness reigns in Uptown.

    That's what we're doing, among other things, but clearly you don't like what's going on. So its not that you want us to DO SOMETHING, you want us to DO WHAT YOU WANT.

  31. uyptown refugee,

    Well put...that debate will gone on for years.

  32. I just don't know why Crusader doesn't go down to Lake View Citizens Council and start screaming in their ears instead of ours. Lakeview allows zero, nada, absolutely no vending even with a license in areas around Wriggley Field. They are more restrictive than Uptown. Why not yell at them?

    Why do people in Uptown always have to be the punching bag on issues that aren't even issues elsewhere in the city? Why do we have no right to law enforcement when everyone else in the city does in Crusader's eyes?

  33. Not that Crusader is completely wrong, but some comments I found to be fun:

    Everyone is not as fortunate as u to have a job where you can surf the internet all day.

    Says someone who posts @ 2:10 in the afternoon.

    Still, having a job is not a matter of fortune. It's a matter of hard work - even if you can kill time on the internet.

    It's also a result of taking advantage of those things which tax dollars provide.

    Most importantly, public schools.

    Read into that what you will.

    I'd do some research before I'd admit to be an idiotic tax payer who gives away years of money with no clue as to its use.

    Tax payers don't "give away" money, they are bound by law to pay taxes (or, better put, punished if they don't pay them).

    Get real. For some people this may be their only option

    Not so much. Don't our tax dollars go into programs specifically designed to assist people in just these types of situations?

    Indeed. He has options, he's just not taking advantage of the ones available to him.

    On this level, I can see C's point: instead of snapping pics of the guy, why not take some time out of your day to inform this gentleman of those options?

    Fair nuff.

    But who's to say that no one's done approached him, already?

    If he isn't harming you or robbing u what is the big deal.

    Define: harm.

    And, it's not so much that he's harming or robbing anyone .. well, other than himself no?

    Actually, a display such as an unlicensed peddler does have a negative impact upon the surrounding community.

    Be that an economic one, or one of aethetics, I'd challenge someone to provide a justification to the postive impact this has on society.

    Somepeople just dont have a life so they meddle in issues so mundane as city ordinances...

    That conclussion is a bit extreme; and, to an extent counter-productive.

    The more that the general public is aware and mindful of the laws (since we are a nation that values law over ... say, religion, are we not?), the better society can function.

    One person's meddling is another person's obediance to the core value of the nation.

    And, if more people abided by the laws, even ordinances, the need for police would be reduced. No?

    Enabling would be closing a blind eye to all the cheating that goes on in corporate america only to be awakened by the ugly harvest after math: Exponential unemployment, broken homes and skyrocketing homelessness from shameful mortgage fraud.

    ... except for the fact that corporate america also leads to exponential employment, new home purchases, shyrocketing home-ness and the ability of people to get a decent mortgage.

    I'd be a shade concerned which you would choose if presented with the option of the baby and the bath water.

    you see these problems will never go away by just wishing them away.

    Spot on, sir. Spot on.

    I am self employed and because I am not of the greedy nature

    Of course you are. You wouldn't be self employed if you weren't.

    You wouldn't be involved in programs if you weren't, either.

    It's just that you are greedy for something else, that's all.

    You have to make the changes not the government not the alderman, church or the police...


    Problem is: in most cases, the public needs those entities, at some point, to enact change.

    The best solution is for all interested parties to work in concert to acheive the type of change that benefits everyone.

    Not just the few.

    Those of us in the 46th ward are constantly told that our taxes dollars are being used, in ways that we may not like, to avoid those less fortunate having to suffer through an existence of sitting on the street with a box, trying to scrape up enough money to buy ... I'd assume, the basic necessities of life.

    Just sayin'

  34. hey experts, calm down. put your laptops down and go take a stroll down clifton, will ya?

  35. Crusader, this is how we clean the streets. Set licensing fees higher than some really, really poor people can afford. Then show them the law, and run'em outta town.

  36. Kenny,
    This is how we keep the peddlers trapped in poverty and dependent on Helen Shiller: ignore the laws that don't allow peddlers to park on the sidewalk, encourage peddling at the epicenter of drug trafficking on the Northside, and accuse anyone who speaks up to hate poor people. That's right out of the Shiller School of Politics 101.

    It's a win-win. Helen encourages dependency on her and best of all, the peddlers are lulled into believing that someone is advocating for them.

    Crusader wants to be a crusader but he's not. It's all delusional and it's more than obvious. Kenny, you, like Helen, want to promote a class war. It's not working anymore.

  37. If Ald Helen Shiller wanted to be helpful, she could walk across the street and offer to help them get their vendor license paperwork submitted.

    If the police wanted to help, they could do the same.

    Nope. They'd rather blame the whole situation on those nasty taxpayers.

    Never have I seen a community where the politician and city workers show such disrespect to their constituents.