Monday, May 3, 2010

One Seed Chicago Announces Winner

....drum roll.... it's "Bee Balm"!  In March, we posted that One Seed Chicago was asking community gardeners vote for their favorite prairie grass, and would distribute free seeds to all who voted.  The votes have been tabulated and now more than a million seeds will be distributed to gardeners all over the Chicago area.

"After four months of voting, Bee Balm has emerged triumphant over Purple Coneflower and Nodding Onion as the One Seed Chicago for 2010. Area gardeners who voted for their favorite prairie plant will soon receive a free seed packet in the mail. Educators and anyone who didn't get a chance to vote can still request a free packet by visiting (while supplies last).

Bee Balm was the clear favorite for Chicago gardeners who wanted to help declining honeybee populations.  NeighborSpace, through One Seed Chicago, will distribute over one million seeds for Monarda fistulosa, commonly called Wild Bergamot, Bee Balm or Horse-Mint. This native perennial has many advantages in the garden.  Native plants attract native birds and insects and help to increase biodiversity in your garden, and are more adapted to their local surroundings and can handle the Chicago area's fluctuations in climate and weather."

Look for your seeds packets in the mail, and happy gardening.  We anticipate seeing Bee Balm all over Uptown in the near future.

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