Monday, May 3, 2010

Surely Not At The Wilson Stop...

By Ivanna Hampton, NBCCHICAGO.COM

It was high time for this bust.

Cops arrested a Chicago Transit Authority worker this weekend for dealing drugs on the job.

Timothy Stovall, 34, of the 1800 block of South Hawthorne, was caught red-handed selling marijuana at the Wilson Red Line stop Saturday night, said Assistant Cook County's State's Attorney Sean O'Brien. Continue Reading


  1. Sort of like that security guard who was busted selling drugs at Jesus People's Cornerstone Shelter 1 block west.

  2. Can't imagine WHY this worker would select the Wilson stop for this type of activity (sarcasm). Wilson and Broadway is an open-air drug market, including the CTA stop.

  3. While they are at it the police ought to watch the guy sitting on the milk crates at Wilson and Clifton. I can't imagine why all those young guys on bikes keep rolling up to him and handing him cash, can you?

  4. Not the guy sitting on the milk crates!!


    Suntimes has a piture of the Shiller supporter, I mean upstanding citizen, I mean waste.

    Shiller please come to his aid, as he was just attempting to keep the area just the way you like it. Help the guy out. I bet your son can trump up a police beating case out of this. Now that I know what he looks like, I will walk him down to your office for support. Along with the guy who poops out side a empty store front and all the people who stand on that corner all day long just looking for postitive things to do. They need to know that you are there for them.

    Everyone, please forward anyone who needs to urinate, poop, score drugs, looking for a good time, etc... Please remind them they can inquire at 4544 N Broadway, Chicago IL 60640. No late night hours to service her most loyal citizens though

  6. it's like that episode of The Wire. You know, the one where they secretly send all of the dope dealers to one neighborhood and give them the "ok" to deal dope in one ward to bring the drug and crime numbers down in other wards.

    Come one! Come all! Get your dope in Uptown without hassle! crack? we got it! pot? problem! heroin? sure! Uptown...The WALMART & TARGET of dope shopping.


  7. Actually, the Cornerstone security guard was convicted for buying heroin. It was a Cornerstone client who was selling the heroin.

  8. Moosh,

    In "The Wire" "Hamsterdam" was a largely abandoned series of blocks.

    I actually favor drug legalization because the "drug war" is a failure and causes more harm than good.

    Our laws regarding drugs, particularly weed is just insane. I wonder what are legislators are smoking?

  9. I believe they call this an area of "subdued gaiety" with a police created "drug containment zone".

    That's a good system for those living outside the zone and those living outside the law.