Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Digging A Hole... All The Way To China

Something seems fishy  to us (and it's not Ald. Shiller's proposed TIF-funded aquaponics center).  Here's why:
After the Sheridan/Leland street brawl (August 12) that was caught on video last summer, there was no immediate response from the alderman or her office.

When Ald. Shiller finally spoke to the press outside of Truman College on August 17 about the by-then widely-seen footage (before taking off for Milwaukee the next day, we're told), she said that she'd been out of town and her staff had been handling things.
  • "I have been out of town and my staff has been very much available."  (NBC Chicago)
  • "Alderman Shiller says she hasn't personally responded to recent complaints because she has been on vacation but she has been in contact with her staff."  (ABC7)
  • "[Ald. Shiller] said she was out of town last week when the melee video surfaced. She said staff was on hand to address concerns, but CBS 2 did not hear back from her office after leaving messages last week." (CBS 2)
  • "Thank you, Ald. Shiller... You explained how you were on vacation, although you didn’t mention that you were in China. You also did not say that you were back in Chicago three days before you told the press that you were out of town." (Lake Effect News)
This past weekend, we read in the Tribune that Ald. Shiller was one of seven aldermen who went on an all-expenses-paid vacation business trip to China last August.  Is that where the alderman was, half a world away and unable to respond to the chaos breaking out in her ward?

We checked with the offices of an alderman who was on the Chinese junket with Ald. Shiller and asked when the trip took place.  This is what the staffer told us:  "Left Chicago on August 3rd, arrived on 8/4, and on 8/10 left China to return back to Chicago."  The staffer later added:  "International time line - left China on 8/10 and arrived in Chgo on 8/10."

In her written response to the community on August 27th, in which she finally addressed 46th Ward residents about the violence (or, as she put it, the "attempted fisticuffs"), Ald. Shiller said the brawling happened "on the night of Thursday, August 13."  But that's not correct.  The video ran on Uptown Update on August 13, after we received it that afternoon.  The street violence took place the two previous nights - August 11 and 12 - right after the aldermen returned to Chicago from China.
Is someone telling fish tales about why there was no timely response to this very frightening and violent activity, which still continues at Sheridan and Leland?


  1. She lies because she knows full well she can always get away with it. She's been doing this for over 2 decades. Why stop now?

  2. great line from that Chicago Now article: "Shiller made it clear to her constituents that her personal opinion of her job performance was the only one that mattered to her."

  3. Who? What? Huh?

    Where do you folks get off doing any sort of math?

    Y'see, the way it happened was like this..:

    Due to a committment made to, and from, the Olympic Committee and the Chinese 2008 people, certain members of Council were invited to examine the legacy of those games.

    This process took several days of exhausting process work to be able to take all variousnesses into account when trying to attempt to forecast the legacy of said games in the City of Chicago during the Olympic Games of 2016.

    Upon returning to the United States, which is far away from the country of China - or as is known locally: Siam. This return trip requires transport above and across a large body of water (from which, much food is caught and sent to areas where local water may not be sufficientfully awesome for human consumption - so, in fact, there were two missions afoot with this travel).

    Once this mission (or the combination of missions) had been/were completed, there were/had been several days of downtime required to process the magnificientness of the data collected during this process, which was the main pupose of the mission (or missions; but not of the 2nd as both are closely knitted amongst themselves).

    This time was considered "vacation" due to the fact that any downtime after a mission should be considered "vacational" - in alignment with the ethics demanded by the office held by the person hlding that office.

    Even though the return date was 8/10/2009, the date of mental-re-engagment (post-vacationally speaking) was actually designed to be considered 9/1/2009 (again, in alignment with the previous office holder bylaw consideration).

    So, in lieu of that, even though a meeting was held on August 17, with direct relationalishiptitude to the immediate mission (of the 1st, not the 2nd), the office holder in question actually saccrificed personal time to attend said meeting and therefor was required to return to vacationaltude immediately, forewith.

    So, while it may appear that gaps do appear within the appearance of the gaps in question, no gap actually existed between the gaps, which aren't being properly communicated.

    The issue with any sort of date/time continuum irregularities are the same as those regularily seen when crossing the Internationa Date line. Coupled with an technical malglitchtion experienced by a malfacturing capacitor of flux (subpoenas to the manufacturer have been submitted in order to provide collateral aggrements with this theory. Re: Emmit Brown).

    The office holder in question was actually well vested in the situational awareness given to her by the awareness received through the proper completion of the mission of the 1st.

    In actually, said office holder went well above and beyond the normal roles established within the office to which is being held by actively participating in the immediate matters in an officially stealthy mode as to not disrupt the effectiveness of the police and various criminal fighting elements which are to remain nameless for security reasons ... I mean: diversity.

    If you have further inquiry as to the purpose of the mission (1st or 2nd) and/or require any data related to, or in connection with the office holder's responsibilities and adjunctitudal awareness, please submit those questions into writing along with a check made out to "Citizens for Shiller".

    Thank you and goodnight.

    San Dimas Football Rules!

  4. Maybe those were the days she was on furlough?

    Oh wait...nevermind.

  5. Yo, you crack me up! "the date of mental-re-engagment (post-vacationally speaking)"....hahaha

  6. Yo - "San Dimas Football Rules!" was absolutely AWESOME. Thanks for the chuckle amidst the downer news.

  7. I'm momentarily less concerned about the apparent lack of forthrightness on Helen's part as I reflect on what the Chinese must think of us if she was part of our representative delegation.

  8. It's time for Helen to whip out her usual I've-just-been-caught-lying line. I can hear her now...

    I was in Chicago at the time? No, "That's not my reality"

  9. And her last overseas junket was to visit Fidel Castro in another Anti-American Communist dictatorship. Do we see a patten here?

    Oh, Lord! Helen in China. What a vision!

    Do you suppose she called the Chinese Olympic Committee delegation gentrifying yuppies for making Olympic Village improvements?

    Did she and President Hu Jintao compare notes on the benefit of the Sal Alinsky method of community organizing versus just having thugs shoot up the neighborhood? Did they trade tips on how to manipulate currencies and TIF funds? Did they debate legal theories on how to censor bloggers and Google?

    Did they examine "integrated urban fish farms" that rely on veterinary drugs to over-concentrate fish in small tanks and discharge toxic effluent into surrounding communities and water supplies?

    Did they congratulate each other for their long, rambling, insulting, and meaningless orations that are used to stimie real debate on issues? Or their ability to spin themselves as one-of-the-people while hailing from wealth, bourgeois families? Did they practice their moves on how to stomp out of rooms when they don't get their way or reporters and those damn pesky constituents ask too many questions?

  10. Waves to everybody from the aldermans office reading thinking "Shoot, these guys are good".

    Hello. Enjoy your jobs because you won't have one come next March.

  11. Not to be Nit-Picky Yo, but the correct line is

    "San Dimas HIGH SCHOOL football rules"

  12. Yeah, Jonathan, I remembered that after I hit publish.